Yet another best smartlock question may be leaning toward Yale Assure 2?

I’m looking to add a smartlock to my carport door and patio French door.
Presently have no ZWave devices, mainly Leviton wifi and a few no neutral switches that integrate via the Lev wifi bridge.
So no foray into zwave yet.

all doors being considered are <= 25 feet or so from the aeotec hub

I am in Jawja, which some say is still in America

SHOULD I jump into zwave or can the yale wifi integrate well and most importantly EASILY with the APP/Hub I say easily as I am not god of edge drivers and ease of setup /low stress is important to me
I have heard wifi can be a PITA but zwave is easier ??
I also won’t be a power user… no temp codes needed, not dying for history just want to assure locked at night and that I can get in the house if this 68 yo walks off without his keys which I’ve come close to doing once or twice.

Also, Can you give me best specific model for this use case. It’s a deadbolt replacement
Local availability a plus as my "locksmith/physical installer is my son in law and he happens to be in the neighborhood this weekend
So if a Best Buy, Home Depot etc had it, that would be a PLUS, but Amazon is OK

Thanks for the advice as always. The forum has really helped me improve my automations.

I have two older yale assure locks. One is about 35’ through a few walls from my Samsung Hub 2. Both have been bulletproof in terms of connection. They are connected with the generic z-wave lock driver.

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I have 3 of the Yale Assure 2 ZWave locks, they all work great, I have mine paired to a V2 hub. I do have beaming repeaters in my installation because of distance and building materials. One thing I did, was before I installed them, I onboarded them to the Yale app first, did the firmware updates on all of them, then reset them and onboarded them into SmartThings. You will need an Edge driver for these, I’m using the RBoy driver and there is a small fee for that, but it is awesome and supports all of the features of the lock (minus DoorSense) but I was told this was due to Yale. I’ve had them installed for about 6 months with no issues. I replaced my Nest x Yale locks and these have at least if not more functionality and the keypads are nearly identical so they passed the WAF.