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I am looking for a suggestion on door locks. I would like to have a lock that will integrate with Smarthings and still work with the lock app. My use case is allowing a dog walker or neighbor in without giving them full access to Smarthings. Since I can not limit user access with Smarthings I am lookign for options.

I currently have a Lockitron Bolt and it works really good when using the app (the bridge is horrible) so I can give someone access for a specific time period then revoke it. Of course, it is Bluetooth and wifi (when the bridge works) so I can not get it into Smarthtings or Actiontiles.

I picked up a Yale Assure YRD-226 and really like the design. I put the Z-wave plus module in it but I can not get it work with the app if this module is in it. I could program codes on the keypad for people but I would prefer the app.

Do others have this issue? Am I missing something? I have my garage door working using the MyQ lite integration and I can still use the MyQ app so I assume it’s possible with the right combination.

If I have to use the keypad can I program temp keys from Smartthings?

I use the Kwickset Z-wave 914 on my door and I can manage the door codes from ST. This is the 3rd controller I have used this lock on and I am pretty happy with it. On ST, you can manage the door codes from the front dashboard under the “Smart Lock” app.

The one limitation is the Smart Lock will not time limit the door code, so you will have to manually add and remove the code if you want to date/time restrict it. This is also customizable in WebCore, but I have not gotten that detailed with it.

Okay still searching and I found this lock it has Z-wave and bluetooth so I think it would work for my use case has anyone tried it?
Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth and Z-Wave, Satin Nickel - Works with Your Smart Home, Including SmartThings and Wink (YRD446ZW2619)

Read the thread again. It’s not that the zwave plus module is not compatible with SmartThings. It’s that even though it physically fits into the older lock model (240), it is not compatible with that particular model (which Yale says on their site).

As long as you have the zwave plus module in the matching Assure lock, it is indeed officially compatible with SmartThings and appears on the “works with SmartThings” list. :sunglasses:

So it’s definitely a candidate for someone currently looking for a SmartThings – compatible lock.

Since the Assure lock is officially supported, get in touch with support, and they should be able to help you make it work as long as you have the correct matching module for it.

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Glad you corrected me, don’t want to give someone the wrong info. I see I didn’t read it properly or obviously didn’t remember what I thought correctly.

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No problem, it was an unusual question. The OP in that other thread had an older Yale lock and they had bought the new Z wave plus module assuming that if it fit physically it would work. But it didn’t, not because the new module was Z wave plus, but because the other Yale-specific firmware was incompatible with the older model. Nothing to do with SmartThings. But since most people buy the module that matches the lock model, based on Yale descriptions, it’s not a question that comes up often. :wink:

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The Kwikset Kevo product has a Bluetooth interface as well as an optional gateway for remote access.

It has the ability to create virtual keys at no extra cost that you can email to users who have smartphones with BLE Bluetooth and you can limit their access by day of week/time of day.

Use of Virtual keys can be logged as well as revoked and they also have a hardware-based RF key fob for people without smartphones.

It works with IFTTT (so, by extension, to some degree with ST). I have two of them and like them, but am researching/experimenting with what I can get them to do w/ST & aIFTTT.

(be sure to get 2nd gen - 1st gen is highly problematic).

The other alternatives might be to add a doorbell cam and remotely unlock door for the dogwalker - or simply remotelybunlock the door when they call you on the phone

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There’s no current official integration with the Kevo (because of Kevo’s own policies, they don’t have an open API. so talk to them if you want to see SmartThings integration, there’s nothing SmartThings can do about it). For that reason, it has one of the most limited possible integrations of any of the available smart locks, because all you can use is the IFTTT channel.

If you already have one and like it, then definitely explore that option. But for someone who doesn’t already have it, it’s really not a viable candidate at this time.

Just as an example, with the Kevo you wouldn’t be able to lock or unlock the door based on a smartthings event – – its IFTTT channel only lets it be an “if” and not a “that.”

And even as a “if” it’s way more limited than the Z wave or zigbee locks that do work with SmartThings. For example, with the Kevo there is no way to know whose user code was used to unlock the door. You also can’t create time schedules for it from the SmartThings side.

Again, if you have the Kevo and like it, that’s great, but it’s going to remain largely independent from SmartThings unless and until Kevo themselves open their API.

But if you don’t have a smart lock yet, it’s not one I would add to the candidate list.

There is a detailed discussion of locks in the device class features FAQ at post 52 which should be of interest:

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I got a Schlage century for a couple of weeks and I’m pretty happy

Work with webcore, IFTTT and integrate with smart lock smartapps for ST (can create code in the apps)

It’s a bit noisy, but it’s a complete solution (key/code/zwave)

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