Yale Locks and ST App

I installed a YRD220 Z Wave Lock within 6-7 feet of my ST Hub v2. Having some issues pairing this properly with my hub.

The “looking for a device” finds a regular Z Wave Lock. I unpaired it and manually tried to add the “Yale YRD220” through the ST App menu and it never found the device.

So I went back to the regular Z Wave Lock. It worked for a few mins. But then started to report the wrong status of the lock. I would guess the ST App that has this specific Yale lock would be able to pick it up easily. I read through the forums and havent seen anything so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I installed two of these over the past week, initially I had status issues. I did a Z-Wave network repair and have not had any status issues since, but others have complained of lock status issues even after doing the repair.

Thank you for the feedback. I ran the repair but no luck. Still shows up as unlocked even though the item is physically locked.

Were you ever able to set up the locks as “Yale Locks” or are they still designated as simple “Z Wave Locks”?

I’m using the Z-Wave lock DTH.