Can't connect Yale Smartlock

Pulling out my hear on this one… =) Brand new lock. Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt (220) with the Z-wave module. Hasn’t been installed before and I have followed the Smartthings instructions as well as the troubleshooting tips for locks, I made sure the hub is really close (within 1ft even). In the options menu on the lock I only get option 1 which is to join a network.I have also tried to completely reset the lock and start from scratch…

As I live in New Zealand, I bought my SmartThings hub from Amazon/US. The lock however is from NZ… is there an issue connecting Australian/New Zealand Z-wave devices to a US hub? No idea here but I can’t really come up with a solution.

What else can I do to troubleshoot?



Ah… so found all the articles about Z Wave Australia… and well… I have learnt something new. The frequency is indeed different. I guess I will have to see if I can buy a US z wave network module now. jeez.

But, would it be better to buy the Zigbee module? Is that the same everywhere?


as you now know the Australian frequency is 921.4 mhz and the US is 908.4 mhz so is incompatible, youve learnt the hard way that you should stick within your region when buying zwave equipment.

as you know the module in your smartlock is replaceable, i would not buy the zigbee module as apart from the fact that this works across regions within the 2.4ghz band (some regions have restrictions on signal strength only) SmartThings does not have a Device Handler for the lock using a zigbee module, my suggestion would be for you to buy a US Zwave module. obviously going forward for zwave devices you will need to buy only US Zwave modules. would be worth you setting up an account with one of the US drop shipping services that are available for shipping US products to different countries.

Or send back your ST hub and get one in Australia, Amazon is incredibly good about that :slight_smile:

I didn’t think smartthings was available in Australia yet either

SmartThings does support ZigBee locks and have for some time. I use a Yale YRD240 lock with no issues

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I stand corrected, you learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, I read it as the purchase from US Amazon was a mistake (looking back no idea why I read it this way).

Right, might see if I can replace the module to a Zigbee version then. Thanks!

yeah, I wish it was available in Australia/New Zealand but no such luck… not even an ETA at this stage. =(