Yale Smartlock reports status but periodicially the keypad stops working and commands fail

I have a Yale smartlock purchased in March, 2019. It has a touch-pad and keys. After it worked fine for over a year, it started to fail. When it fails, the keypad doesn’t work and the lock doesn’t respond to Smartthings commands, although it still reports back status to the hub (when I lock it manually, for example)

I’ve changed the batteries multiple times and have seen this problem come and go. Any advice is appreciated. I’m going to look in to firmware but I’m at a loss otherwise.

If the keypad doesn’t work, that’s a device failure, and you would need to talk to the manufacturer. There isn’t anything you can do from the smartthings side, unfortunately.

If you happened to pay for it with a visa card in the US you may have an extended warranty benefit which adds an extra year to the manufacturer’s warranty, so that can help.

Other cards may have similar benefits, so look into that if you used a credit card for the purchase and the warranty has expired.

But first talk to the manufacturer for troubleshooting.


What the model number of the Yale lock?

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It’s a YRD226ZW2619.

Link to amazon listing

I’ve opened up a discussion with Yale support who has suggested a factory reset. I will attempt that later today.

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Also try to remove and reinstall the zwave module and check the keypad wire connector.

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I did the factory reset successfully. However, contrary to Yale’s advice, it screwed up the SmartThings device configuration. I had to do the reset again after removing the device in my ST configuration. So far, so good. The keypad is functioning and the ST commands are working.

I will monitor. If it screws up again, it may take a few days.

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It may also help to read this FAQ to improve lock communications (not related to keypad but in general):

Yes, that is helpful. I appreciate the added knowledge.

However, in my case, the issue always corresponds with the keypad not functioning. I never considered this a z-wave connectivity problem.

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