Yale Smart Living Keyless Connected Smart Lock - Faulty

I have had this Yale lock for less than a year. For those familiar with the unit, you hold your palm to the screen to wake it up, enter your code and it allows you to open the door via a standard twist lock. Simple and effective.
After about six months however on waking the device up, I get an error sound and it then allows you to open the door without entering any code!!!
I reported to Yale, they were very good and replaced the lock but not the ZWave module. These are not a 5 minute fit so its a real pain replacing. Having replaced it all has been fine for three months and now I get the same problem again! I find it hard to believe that the unit is faulty yet again as I see no one reporting such problems and would assume if they are so unreliable the reviews on this product would not be so glowing.
Anyone come across this or got any ideas much appreciated?

Hello David,

I bought one of these locks in October 2016. It suffered with the issue you are describing in February 2017. I contacted Yale and the advised me to get a replacement from the retailer. I agree the unit does take time to remove and then reinstall. In Dec 2017, the same issue appeared but has only occurred twice so far. Will contact Yale again, but now I am concerned that it is a software issue that the company needs to address. Will let you know what happens. If anyone else has come across this problem please let us know. Thanks.

Hi Saleem,
I also encountered yet again!!
I was convinced that the issue was unlikely to be software. If you keep turning the thumbscrew it will then release. I called them and they are aware of it!!! They provided a “special” oil. I used this as directed and it certainly worked. For about a month!! The problem has now reappeared. The fault is entirely within the engineering of the physical product. I’m not sure what to suggest.

Did you manage to get a resolution?

Hello David,

No response so,

I have sent another email pointing out a lack of response and that was on 27th February. I need to escalate this as I think they are ignoring me. Any suggestions?

I put in a support request, TWICE!!! It took at least 20 mins each time on hold. I NEVER recieved a response at all.
They are a shockingly bad company…
For what its worth I resolved my problem (for now) by refitting the lock - I found it is very fussy.