Yale Lock ST app don't respond after added

Hi guys,

I have the Keypad YRD240. I just paired with ST I see it but don’t respond any command. Don’t send any log at all. I just unpaired, try it again same deal. I unforced same deal. I restore the keypad to default try it again same deal. I don’t think will be out of range I have like 5 devices less than 10’ next to the keypad.

Anyone have some kind of ideas
Thanks in advance

Has this lock ever worked on your system? Most locks need to be paired directly next to the hub, and then moved to their final location.

The zwave security protocol doesn’t work beyond one “hop” of the network.

I just bought this week, but never work at all, just always show locked, when I try to unlock just unlocking nothing happen, and then I refresh the page. and show locked again.

What do you suggest?
Put the keypad to restore to default and unpaired and try it again with the hub next to the keypad?

That should work. I got a long network cable and brought the hub to the door.

I just bought the Yale ZigBee 240 this weekend. It did not work with the batteries provided. The included batteries showed 43%. Once I replaced them with brand name batteries everything started working.

Edit: Wanted to note that I had the same symptoms you described. I had no problem pairing the lock but after that point it would not respond to commands or update state until the batteries were replaced.

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