Yale Real Living lock not fully working

(Djraje) #1

So I got my hands on a Yale Real Living touch-screen lock with a Zigbee radio (I dont think its available on the market). After I got it, I saw that ST doesn’t support Zigbee locks…I went and purchased a Yale Real Living ZWave radio off of Amazon and popped it in there.

It recognized it as a ZWave Lock and could poll it, however no commands worked…i could not get any kind of status. There were no errors in the pairing, so wanted to see what was going on.

(Keith Croshaw) #2

Probably unknown raw commands. Probably just need a smarty pants to make a new device type, the hard part is getting documentation from yale identifying the commands.

(Djraje) #3

hmm, but given it’s a supported lock and others have used it, shouldn’t that be in place already?

(Keith Croshaw) #4

Perhaps the individual z-wave card is slightly different than the one that comes if you buy it in z-wave flavor.


It’s a supported door lock (The zwave one) but not fully supported. You should be able to get it to lock and unlock remotely, but you may not have remote support for changing custom lock codes.

If you get in touch with support@smartthings.com, they should be able to help you.

That said, issues with locks are almost always due to distance.

The first time you pair the lock, for security reasons, the hub has to be very very close to the lock. Typically about 6 inches. This is a requirement of the lock manufacturer, not SmartThings, to make sure the lock doesn’t get accidentally paired to the wrong controller.

After that, you can move the hub back to its usual position.

However, there can still be an issue with getting messages to and from the lock if you do not have a repeater that supports zwave “beaming” within about 15 feet of the lock.

When I first set up my doorlock I had problems similar to the ones you described. I was able to fix it just by swapping two plug-in modules in the room. One supported beaming and one did not. I needed to have the beaming one be the one closest to the door lock so that the messages would be held until the lock picked them up.

But again, support can help with all that.

Good luck! Mine worked very smoothly once I had the devices positioned appropriately.

(Djraje) #6

thanks for the help guys…

can the hub get on wireless so i can move it near the lock? otherwise i gotta damn the lock of the door and assemble and pair it by the hub! :frowning:

I will try to pair it very closely next


Unfortunately, no.

Often the cheapest solution is a 100 foot Ethernet cable. :unamused:

(Ivan) #8

I just wanted to not that this restriction is now removed. On Saturday, I installed 2 Yale Real Living Touchscreen Locks and they both got paired to my ST hub that was about 20 feet away without any issues.

Having said that, I’m not sure about the Zigbee/z-wave part as the one I bought was the z-wave version from Amazon.


It’s still part of the official standard. :fearful:

If pairing at that distance worked, it may be convenient, but it’s a security fail on the part of SmartThings or Yale, it’s not supposed to work that way.

(Ivan) #10

Must be Yale because there was no mention at all about the distance thing in the instructions manual

That’s interesting to know! I had no idea about this while I was doing it. It took me a whole 20 minutes to set up both locks and to get them going with the ST hub.


The Yale manual just says follow the instructions of the network controller (in this case, SmartThings) to include the device. But it’s zwave certified as a secure lock, so it should be using low power pairing. Weird.

ST says “within 10 feet” but if you’re having trouble they’ll usually say to try closer. 20 feet is really pushing it.


And it’s fully controllable from your ST app? The lock responds to an unlock request?

(Ivan) #12

Very much so. I have it set up so that my kitchen-to-garage door unlocks when I arrive (using geofencing on my cell phone). I wouldn’t do that with the front door because it’s the main point of entry but for my kitchen door, you still need to open the garage door.


Maybe you just have a really strong signal, then. It’s rare, but it can happen.

(Ivan) #14

I have a super ST hub :smiley:

(Ivan) #15

Actually, I just looked at your link and those instructions are for the models: YRD210, YRD220, and YRL220.

I installed the YRD240 though logic would tell us that they should be the same pairing instructions

(Bob) #16

Hey djraje, I’m having the same issue after just installing a 220. I’m using ethayer’s app and everything “appears” fine except for one thing. When I use Live Logging in the debugger I see messages sent for refresh, code change, etc. But when I try to issue a lock/unlock no message are even sent so obviously I can’t expect the lock to function. Let me know if you find any solutions.