Yale Lock to integrate with ST and HomeKit?

I currently have the Schalge Camelot Z-Wave lock. We’ve had it for quite some time and it works rather well. One of the biggest complaints I have is how noisy it is. Outside of that, one functionality I wish I had was more integration. While I’m still ‘learning’ HomeKit and am not a huge fan of the Home app UI and configuration, one thing about HomeKit integrated products is that they ALWAYS seem to work.

My goal would be to get a lock that integrated with ST, Google Home, Amazon Echo and HomeKit. Based on website descriptions, it looks like Yale Assure locks are capable of most if not all of these and offer the best integration. However, I also read that with Yale, you need to buy modules for the lock to enable certain integrations. Does this mean that while it supports most of the above integrations, it is only capable of ST OR HomeKit? Is there some sort of module one can buy that enables HomeKit integration, but also cloud-based smartthings integration?

I know Yale partnered up with August and that one of the August based locks supports HomeKit, so I’m not sure if the answer is to go with an August/HomeKit module and then a cloud based integration with Smartthings? My ultimate goal is to get my doors locking and unlocking automations to be completely local [based on door open/close] and Integrate between both ST and HomeKit.

Any guidance is appreciated!

[EDIT] Whoops. I forgot to mention in my OP that besides the noise, my BIGGEST complaint is that my door auto-lock automation was constantly failing. My Aeotec recessed sensor would have battery reporting issues, and die without my knowledge. Depending on the state of when it died, it completely killed my automation. On top of that, the concept that the sensor and the lock were both cloud based, sometimes it would lock when open or fail to lock when closed…completely random. I couldn’t have that type of fail-rate for something such as the lock to my house!

There is no cloud-to-cloud integration between August and ST. There is only the August Lock Pro with Z-Wave (with August Connect) where you get the integration with Homekit/Siri, Alexa, Google and SmartThings.

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Right, as @jkp says, the August Pro can use zwave to communicate with SmartThings and WiFi (from Connect) to communicate with HomeKit. So the same device can communicate with both, but you can’t combine them altogether.

Up until recently, as far as the other Yale models, as you noted, it’s an “or” situation. Depending on which radio module is installed in the lock. And you can’t use parts of the August lock to make the Yale lock work in the same way, they are just physically very different.

BTW, There’s a list in the community – created wiki of devices that can work with both HomeKit and smartthings if you’re interested. There aren’t many, but there are some. :sunglasses:


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Originally August had their own lock with their own gateway which supported Z-Wave and HomeKit. After being acquired by Assa Abloy (owners of Yale) they released in the US a HomeKit only module for some US Yale locks. Annoyingly they still have not done a similar module for the UK.

More recently they have released another module again only for US Yale locks called ‘Connected by August’ which allows the same range of Yale locks to be accessed via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri/HomeKit.

See - https://www.amazon.com/Yale-Security-AYR202-CBA-KIT-Connected-Locks-Works/dp/B07GPXN936
And - https://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/residential/yale-real-living/assure-lock/connect-august/

This would seem to be what you are looking for.

Still not even the faintest whiff of an indication any of this is coming to the UK. Grrrr! :angry:


Good to know, thanks! :sunglasses:

I’ve updated my post above.

However, while this change will allow you to have both HomeKit and Alexa work with the Assure lock, you lose the zwave functionality, right? So it will no longer work with SmartThings.

What you are picking up is the Wi-Fi connectivity, which is what gives you the echo integration.

In contrast, the August pro model retained the Z wave functionality in the lock itself , and with The addition of the bridge it will work with HomeKit and echo. So that setup can work with echo, HomeKit and smartthings all at the same time.

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@JDRoberts @jelockwood

Ironically, this is the exact route I took. I had gotten fed up of my lock automation failing. The WAF fell hard and it became more work rather than less in knowing if we locked the door or not. Therefore, I was about to buy the August Pro this past weekend but I hate the way it looks. After digging, I realized that the Yale Assure SL, connected by August, fit the bill with the exception that it does not work with Smartthings. After debating between the August Pro and the Yale lock, I realized why do I really care about ST integration when ST is causing me the problem in the first place. So I opted for the Yale lock and bought it on Saturday. Installation and configuration is done for the most part and I’m pretty happy with it.

I will say that while installation was no harder than a typical lock…the Yale lock is very sensitive. The deadbolt could not extend 100% in my mortise slot due to the thickness of my jamb and the insulation material. Because of this (about a 16th of an inch off) the lock failed to lock or unlock successfully. I had use a chisel and shave away 1/16th inch of the framing, through the mortise. The good news is now my lock literally engages and disengages incredibly smooth!

Other than that, the installation was pretty simple. The WiFi bridge configuration and HomeKit setup was pretty straight forward and now I have Siri/Amazon/Google Assistant control over my lock. Also having the integrated keypad is perfect as that is what the wife is used to and I don’t have to worry about a separate keypad batteries dying.

All in all, worth the $250 to me, providing that the lock just works. I’m okay if the auto-unlock doesn’t work 100% of the time being we have a keypad (and notifications to give us warning if it doesn’t work). I’m more-so concerned with the auto-lock working all the time as well as the door sense being accurate.

On another note, the Yale Assure SL is so much quieter than the Schlage Camelot!!

I do appreciate all of the input!

[EDIT: Though if I really want some kind of ST integration for triggering a lock/unlock action, I’m sure I can do something with a virtual switch and Alexa Routines as well]

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