August WiFi Locks now integrate with ST without Z-wave (January 2020)

The August WiFi integration is now available for August/Yale locks using August WiFi (August Connect)

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The August Lock’s contact sensor does show on the device and can be used in ST automations and webCoRE :slight_smile:




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I needed a change. Plus when I saw this one, I laughed for 5 minutes.


Yeah, you made me think about mine too. Mine’s old from an a previous career, so time for me too.

Thanks for the update on August BTW. I got rid of mine for a Zigbee lock, but my parents love theirs, so I can finally get their lock integrated properly with ST.


I tried to set this up and after authorizing and closing the browser, I got error:
“Couldn’t add device
A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

Any type of ad blocker or malware apps installed on your mobile device? If yes, try disabling and then try the integration :slight_smile:

How’s the battery life on those?

Which one do you have, and do you like it?

I’m concerned that the weather seals on my door put too much pressure on the bolt; A small motor might not be able to turn the lock bolt. I’m thinking about trying a smartlock someday.

I’ve got the August Smart Lock Pro (the round one), and the bridge. People have reported issues with the bridge, but I’ve had mine work great. They say to put it as close as possible, but I found “line of sight” worked way better, even if it was further away.

I use “hospital” batteries, and they last me anywhere from 6-10 weeks.
(Hospital batteries are the batteries they toss after being used on a patient once - My brother works in a hospital and collects them for me lol)

I really really like it. My house unlocks 30 seconds after I arrive in the vicinity (I use Life360 as a presence sensor) and locks 2 minutes after I close the door. I’ve got it fixed so that if any of my family comes over, I get alerted and the house will unlock for them as well. I don’t have guests (babysitter, dogwalker, cleaning people, etc), so I don’t use it for those functions, but I’ve been a guest before on someone else’s lock and it’s worked just as flawlessly then too.

There is a calibration at the beginning when you set up, which is nice. And if you can catch a sale on Amazon, you could always return it if it doesn’t work. You don’t have to put any holes in your frame unless you install the doorsense.

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If you are asking in regards to the wifi connection only, I can only assume battery life would be longer if it also no longer using z-wave on the lock.

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It would be nice if The August app could add battery level to their app for their locks :wink:

Does this mean the Yale assure “connected by August“ model will now work with both HomeKit and smartthings?

Yes …

Through this integration, we’re bringing the convenience of all of August’s locks, Yale’s Connected by August locks, and Emtek’s EMPowered Lock, directly to Samsung customers,

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I have the YRD226-CBA-619 and was able to connect it to SmartThings just now. Been waiting for this integration for quite some time. Don’t use HomeKit, so I don’t know about that.

Thanks for the heads up @jkp.

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After removing the connection and restarting the app, i connected again and although i got this error, the new devices were indeed created (but not assigned to the room i had selected). Seems to be working so far.

Does this only work for models that don’t have zwave? If not, how do I do it? Looked around in the classic app and don’t see a connection for August. Maybe had to be the new app?

Add in new app and then you can use devices in the classic

I’m one of those who had to request a firmware rollback, and I’m using the rboy custom lock handler.

Do I need to do a factory reset between excluding the lock and adding it back with the official dth?

Do I need to ask August to push the latest firmware to the lock?

Is there an advantage to switching to the official dth over the rboy one?



You can probably hold off until you test and ensure everything works well for you.

Everyones mileage may vary. A z-wave repeater which was recommended for z-wave locks would no longer be needed. Possible that battery life may be extended by not using z-wave on the lock (not verified). I did not use @rboy’s DTH so I do not know what capabilities it offered. I used the stock ST DTH and the battery level did not appear to update (was always 100%) but does look to be working in the new integration. The August contact sensor is available in the new integration which you can use in Automations and webCoRE.

It also looks like upcoming August locks are ditching z-wave. Also, locks using August Connect don’t have z-wave modules i.e. Yale locks with August connect

Edit: the new integration is cloud-to-cloud where the ST DTH was local I believe

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