Yale Connected by August MIA?

So, late last year Yale / August / Samsung announced that there would be direct (I.E. not through the z-wave or zigbee) integration with the Yale Connected by August solution (see press release below)

According to the press release on October 30 2019, they said the integration would be released at CES. Now that CES has come and gone, I am not seeing any additional integration. Does anybody know anything about this? Was it delayed? Cancelled?

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It’s strange because the original blog posted worded it like it was already ready with “August Locks Are Now Directly Compatible with SmartThings”, then in the details clarified that “now” actually meant January 2020 CES, and now that didn’t even happen or have an official update.

Still, I’m looking forward to this when it is ready. I have a couple wifi locks I got prior to getting into SmartThings, and it would be nice to integrate them without having to replace with z-wave versions. I’m hoping it will include the doorsense feature, instead of having to have a separate smartthings sensor for that.

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Yeah, it was a very deceiving blog post


Been waiting and waiting and monitoring this myself…wish we could subscribe for an update!