Smart Door Lock

I have committed to the Smartthings platform and looking to replace my August lock with something that would work through Smartthings. What I want to be able to do is open the lock with my iPhone, preferably by proximity, be able to lock and unlock remotely, add guest keys and have notifications sent when the door is unlocked.

Any suggestions?

Out of curiosity why replace the August lock when it can do all of that, minus being done through ST? Just trying to understand what additional functionality you want.

Part of my issue is that August is taking “forever” getting their keypad out. I’m not getting warm an fuzzies with that company. I’m trying to put my new automation stuff under one umbrella if possible but I’m thinking that is not really possible.

Other than trying to tie everything together for some possible future reason, I’m basically just looking for a reliable lock that I can monitor and control remotely…fast.

I just installed my first Smartthings sensor to my garage door and like the Smartthings platform. I am using Wink products but don’t have/want the hub. I have Apple TV/Homekit. I also have an Amazon Echo.

Check out these 2 locks:

Schlage Connect Z Wave


Yale Z Wave YRD220-ZW-619

Both work with SmartThings.

PS - Yale is suppose to come out with “Linus Lock” that will integrate with Nest. (and most likely SmartThings too). Hasnt come out yet. Im waiting for that.


Also, I want to be able to see the status of my front door lock on the sames screen as my garage door. Right now, I have to open the August app, click on the August connect wi-fi button and then wait for the information to show up. I like things done quickly and efficiently.

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I have the Scalage Century and it is nice. I wish there was (at least back when I got it) a Zigbee version. The locks for the front and back door are the only Zwave items I have so I had to relocate my Hub to hit both locks without repeaters. I bought a bunch of Zwave switches for repeaters, but my old house lacks neutrals. :scream:

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I use the Schlage Connect & it works great. I’m back triggers an unlock sequence for 10 min timer when one of our iPhones is in the geofence. As well as I can unlock & lock remotely & put it into any app room of my choice.

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I have a KwickSet 910 that has been working very reliably.


I use the Kwikset 912 (lever handle, not deadbolt) and it works great with smartthings too. Since I already had kwikset door handles, I didn’t have to change out the latch, I just took out the old knobs and slid in the new.

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I can recommend the Danalock :slight_smile:

OK…Getting a headache with this…Here is what I want…

Deadbolt only
Ability to lock and unlock and monitor remotely through Smartthings
Ability to give guest “keys” through phone app or code
Configure through computer and not on device only

I was looking at the Quickset Kevo but I don’t think it is compatible with with ST.

Any other suggestions?

Thank everyone.

I don’t know of one that has both bluetooth and z-wave/zigbee (needed for ST).
Also, “through computer and not on device only” is probably going to be a hangup, since ST is not done on a desktop.

I understand the ST part is done on a mobile device but the device configuration would be nice if it was done on a computer (i.e. codes and user management)

Again, I’ve not seen one like that, though they may be out there. However, using the User Lock Manager (from Eric Thayer) found on this site, I find it pretty easy to set up and manage users. I only have four, and the don’t change often, but the interface is about as easy as it could be. If one had to pull in dozens on a regular bases, I could see where an import option would be handy, but barring that, I think most folks would be fine with the app interface.

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Can this lock be opened by a “guest” user by their smartphone? I understand the concept of adding “family” to ST but don’t want my “guests” to have access to anything other than the lock. I also want to add dedicated codes for specific “guests”.



My last post on this subject as the more I research the more I get confused…

I’d like to know what lock (works best with ST and has most features through ST) will allow guest access through ST by using an iPhone and allow specific unlock codes to be used. I want to control guest access and get alerts when the door unlocks and know who unlocks it.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something here because of my newness to ST but I’m loving the platform. I changed out an Ecobee3 thermostat for a ZEN and could not be any happier because I can control pretty much everything. I also put a sensor on my garage door to tell if it is closed or open because you don’t know how may times my compulsive side took over and I had to drive home to make sure the door was down.

Thanking everyone who put their 2 cents in…please put in one more.



And I lied…My wife decided on the Quickset 914 and now I need to know what would work best…zWave or Zigbee?