SmartThings works now with Yale Home (UK)

I was just browsing ST partners list on my phone and noticed that there is now (probably after last update) option to link your Yale Home to ST, when earlier there was only very limited Yale integration and you had to use Alexa for example to get any kind of control for the most of the Yale locks.
Linked my account and it works great with my (wi-fi) Doorman L3! You can´t really change the settings of your lock but you can now open/close it and status of the lock also works if you lock you door manually etc. This is very welcome update at least for me after using crippled Alexa routines for a while and I haven´t seen this information anywhere.


The majority of forum members were using either the Zigbee or Z wave versions of Yale locks, and all of those worked just fine directly with a smartthings/aeotec hub.

On top of that several of the Yale WiFi models available in North America worked fine with SmartThings.

So, for “most of the Yale locks“ there was an official integration that worked well.

That said, the UK has been a different story. :disappointed_relieved: Again, the Z wave and Zigbee models did work well when integrated directly with smartthings. But many of the Wi-Fi models sold there used the separate “Yale smart home“ security system integration, and those did have all of the limitations you bring up. And a pretty limited app.

So it’s very good to see that there is now a new integration for those in the UK using a Wi-Fi model with the Yale home app. :sunglasses:

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