Yale lock backwards USA to rest of the world

(Barry Murphy) #1

So Ive been bashing my head against the wall for the last hour or so, testing my YRD220-ZW-619 lock and it works with a key and if I use the round knob inside to manually lock or unlock the device.

Every time I try use the pin code or ST it sounds like the motors are coming to a grinding halt.
So i’ve removed everything and tried doing it manually to find its trying to unlock the door when its already locked.
I re-read the manual so many times and then watched some videos online to realize American doors (when outside) the keylock is on the left hand side rather than the right hand side like ‘rest of the world’ :smile:

Has anyone else run into this problem and discovered a way to have the motor turn the opposite direction to what it does by default?

The other option I have is to rather than “Face this side up” is face it down, however then things dont line up for the bolts to screw in :confused:

Surely someone has had this issue and come up with a solution?
I thank you in advance.


(Jody) #2

I am assuming you are using the yale real living lock. I had this problem when I installed mine with no instructions. The inside latch must be vertical during install. Also, make sure the strike is very easy to slide in and out. The slightest resistance will stop the deadbolt and it will retract. My yale deadbolt died after 4 months of use.

(Barry Murphy) #3

No; slightly different issue:

the deadbolt Yale lock appears to want the lock on the left hand side when facing the door from outside as per pircture - https://www.thefhd.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Red-Front-Door.jpg
New zealand doors and till today I thought all doors the lock is on the right when facing the door from outside as per - http://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2013/04/streamline-accessories.jpg

(Jody) #4

My door lock is on the right as pictured in your bottom picture. Can you take a picture of your actual door and deadbolt?

(Barry Murphy) #5

Pretty dark right now and working from the bedroom.
I wonder if they make different locks for different countries; are you in the USA or somewhere else?
I bought mine off Amazon so came from the USA.

I have put the whole mechanism together and provided I have the dead bolt facing left when looking at the outside piece; it works fine; but not if i reverse things.

As you can imagine when the dead bolt is facing right it needs to go clock wise, but if its facing left it needs to go anti clockwise, so there must either be different versions of the device, or different dead bolts

I may go to a lock smith tomorrow and see if there is perhaps a different deadbolt i need to have it on the other side.

(Jody) #6

I am in the USA. I know there are left and right handed locks, but the only yale zwave I have seen are right hand. They might make a lefty and you found one of them.

(Layne Robinson) #7

My door opens like the orange one (handle is on right as you approach from outside) and I have the Yale lock. Mine was installed/set-up less than a month ago. I had issues until I switched device types. Take a look at this thread: How to reset Yale LOCK With Z-Wave from ATT Digital Life?

(Lee) #8

From the Yale Real Living manual:
‘For your convenience, the Yale Real Living lock will automatically determine
whether it will function as a right or left-handed lock. (The “hand” or "handing"
of the lock, is determined by the side of the entry door that the hinges are on
when standing outside the door)’

The manual says it will install on either side.

(Jody) #9

Yep. That’s what I thought but I did not have my manual handy at the time. I had problems with the lock trying to reverse on unlock too. It was probably the most problematic device I have ever used. The latch hole has to be perfect with no resistance or it will reverse and go the other way.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #10

You have to do a complete factory reset for it to do the automatic install again. I don’t remember the exact sequence but it was a pain to do. I burnt my motor out and the touch screen led died within a few months. Not too impressed with Yale locks.


Factory reset is pretty easy. Remove the batteries and remove the 4 (or so) screws that hold the interior portion of the lock on the door. There’s a button on the interior portion of the lock that faces the door. Hold that button and re-insert the batteries. You can then screw the lock back together.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #12

Yeah, but make sure the reset works and the lock is in the right position when reset or you are doing it over.

(Mcvoss) #13

Being a hardware geek, I work for Schlage. On your front door if the lock is on the right, and the door swings in, that is a left handed door. If the lock is on the left and the door swings in, it’s a right handed door. I know that doesn’t necessarily apply here I just wanted to clarify the terminology.


(Barry Murphy) #14

Thanks, this resolved the issue; my paper print out manual did not state this anywhere :confused:
I’m happy now and my door lock is now replaced.

Thank you everyone for your help.

(Ben Edwards) #15