Yale conieuxsL1

Hi there I have a Yale conieuxL1 and fitted it everything works apart from when I put my key fob on the outside of the lock it unlocks but I’m unable to push my door handle down from the outside any help would be great I’ve bern at it for 4 hours and nothing tried resetting but still nothing unlocks fine from the inside please help I’m going mad

It sounds like it may not be fitted properly. Probably your best choice is just to get in touch with Yale support.


If you buy the z-wave module for it, it is :slight_smile:

There are a few threads knocking about regarding integration, but not really many about installation.

As luck would have it, I had a new front door put in a few days ago, and the fitter installed one of these.

It was the first they’d done, so they didn’t do it properly and I had to completely disassemble and reassemble it.

If your handle goes down on the inside, but not on the outside after unlocking, then it really does sound like there’s something wrong with the mechanism. These are pretty straightforward locks, technology aside (the tech just effectively turns a cut off key in the barrel, that’s all).

If the handle goes down on the inside, it should go down on the outside. There is never a case where it shouldn’t.

As JDR says, get in touch with Yale.

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My bad, I thought it was only Bluetooth model. Sorry for any confusion, I’ve corrected my post above.

I still get in touch with Yale first, though. The physical installation on those can be a bit tricky.