Yale Keyfree - question about activity logs & entry methods


Thinking about getting the Yale Keyfree lock for my home but have a couple of questions for anyone that already has it:

  1. What does the activity log look like? If I give 2 different codes to 2 different people, does smartthings actually log when they used the codes?
  2. Is it possible to use via the Smartthings App & the Key Fob?


Yes to both
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I have one of these. My understanding is that you can only have one module installed in it.

So its keypad plus one of either Key fob/Z-Wave/Yale Module

I have the Z-Wave Module in mine and I am able to use the SmartThings App to unlock my door

If you buy it with the key fob, it wont be Z-wave compatible and hence no way to connect it to SmartThings


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Who’s correct here? I’m interested in this lock too.

I have the same lock with the Z-Wave module installed.

I’m now confused by what you mean as the key fob. I have both Pin, Key-fob ( I think) and Key card working. I can also use SmartThings with it.

Cant get any reporting out of it currently other than its locked or not.


You can always use the SmartThings key fob to unlock the door, hence the yes to both. When the keypad is used to unlock the door, it should log which user code (normally a single digit number, not the actual pin).

Interesting I just get poll data on sate looking at the logs. Unless I unlock it from SmartThings.

Which Device device handler are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?

I have the zigbee version of this lock and it is not compatible with the lock code apps. STs is still developing the device handler to reach parity with the z-wave version.
I wanted to future proof my lock with thread and zigbee since it is the future. Hopefully the device handler update is coming soon?

Are the modules interchangeable? i.e. If I go with the Z-wave module can I change later and go to the keyfob module?

Yes the modules are easy to change.

This is an old thread but as a note to others ZigBee is now supported with my DTH below.

I am not sure why this thread is in the UK forum since as far as I can see it seems to be discussing US only available options.

As far as I am aware and this appears to be still the case Yale have never offered Zigbee in the UK. They offer three modules -

  1. Z-Wave (now version 2 module which is Z-Wave Plus)
  2. Yale Home for linking to their UK alarm system
  3. A module specifically for use with their remote fob

They still don’t offer an Apple HomeKit module either.

Note: The US modules are a different shape to UK modules and in some cases will use different frequencies.

Yale’s UK support is now effectively non-existent even a US rep of Assa Abloy I managed to speak to via email admitted their UK support was bad. (And used this as an excuse why new products are not being released in the UK, i.e. support needs to be fixed first although if anything it is getting worse.)

Not only is the HomeKit support still not available in the UK but there is currently no sign of any August products becoming available either. (Assa Abloy bought August.)