Connecting Yale keyfree connected to smartthings, confused

Hi. Can someone help me with connecting my Yale keyfree connected (the one with the pin entry) to smartthings, with zwave module installed. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’ve read the manual but it doesn’t seem to be working. My hue bulbs have connected to smartthings but the yale is not being discovered. also if I try to manually add it there are only two options for locks and not my one with the pin entry.

Many thanks from a concerned home owner with a lock that is currently only working with the default master pin :frowning:


What’s the exact model number of your lock?

Most Yale zwave models are officially supported, so you can also just check the knowledgebase and then contact support if the knowledgebase article doesn’t help:

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Locks can be tricky to setup and pair. Make sure you lock is no future than 5 ft from the hub when you’re trying to pair it. Also note you need to press the check mark button to complete the pairing.
After pairing you can move it and install it on your door. For regular operation make sure it is no further than 10-15 ft from the nearest z wave repeater device or hub otherwise you’ll see operational issues.

Thanks for your replies. I managed to get it connected up in the end by entering mastercode then # then 4# then 1# and waited. After about 30 seconds it said connected so all good :slight_smile:

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Hi There,

sorry to reopen but my keyfree connected (the same model as yours) will not let me go into home automation search.

I press master, #, 4# then when i press one then # it says ‘wrong number’

Has anyone else had this issue and if so how can i force the lock into pairing mode? I have previously had it connected to this smartthings hub but removed it from devices,.

Thanks in advance


If you previously had it connected to ST, then just deleted it then I would suggest doing a general device exclusion on your hub then try adding it again

I am also having the issue of the lock repeatedly saying “wrong number”
I have deleted the lock from ST. But when trying to do a General Device Exclusion, after pressing # the last time the lock just says “wrong number” not allowing me to remove it.
I have also tried to re add the device to ST but it can not be discovered.

Please help.