Yale Doorman

Hi, wondering about if the Yale Doorman v2 could be Connected With smartthings ?
Its the only Yale available in Northern europe/Scandinavia…

It’s nice looking lock, but it uses a proprietary communication protocol and it won’t work with SmartThings. You could write to the company and ask if they are going to have a Z wave option. They do make them for other models, but sometimes it’s just a matter of design. The Z wave antenna set is typically bigger and boxier then some other protocols, and doesn’t fit into all the “slim” designs.

It looks like the only Z wave locks currently available in Scandinavia are the Danalock and the ID lock. Both would probably provide basic lock/unlock control through SmartThings, but you might not get all the other features.

It would have to be the Z wave versions of these locks, however, not other protocols.

Hi, thanks.
Actually, come to think of it i was aware of the idlock from earlier, but as they still havent released any zwave / zigbee Controller to it, i kinda forgot it.
But will keep my focus on them.

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Hi! I have made this now: https://github.com/wahlly/Verisure_Yale_Doorman_PHP_HTTP_Connection
Havent had enough time to set it up against smartthings yet but if you know how to do that this should be no problem

Hi wahlly, Have you got this to work with smartthings?

Take the following with a pinch of salt. :slight_smile:

According to the product page for the Yale Doorman it does support the Yale Module 2 which uses a proprietary Yale protocol for linking to the matching Yale alarm system. However this Yale Module 2 is also used in other Yale locks such as the Conexis L2, Keyfree and Keyless locks.

This is interesting because the Conexis L2, Keyfree and Keyless locks do also support a Yale Z-Wave module which does support Smartthings. Now I have seen the comment by JDRoberts but the modules for the Conexis L2 etc. are all the same physical dimensions and connector as each other and therefore purely from a size and connector point of view the Z-Wave module should fit.

With regards to alternate solutions. As mentioned by again JDRoberts the Danalock specifically has versions for UK profile locks, Europrofile locks and Scandinavian profile locks. However there is another lock which also supports all three types and in my opinion is cleverer than Danalock and there is a handler for Smartthings and this is Nuki.

The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 supports Euro profile cylinders, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and UK oval cylinders.

See - https://nuki.io/en/smart-lock/

Anyone tried this yet? Is it working?

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I have the Doorman V2 and bought the Z Wave module. Although the module fits into the lock, I can’t get it to pair.
Some online research, and it seems the firmware on Doorman is not capable of using the Z Wave module.
So I guess this is a dead end

There is apparently a Zigbee module for the Doorman lock but it also is firmware locked to only talk to specific products and this does not include Smartthings.

I would not treat the following as gospel but the announcement of the Yale Access Module which is the European version of the August Connect module might support the Doorman lock as well as the Conexis L1 and Keyless Connected and not yet shipping Linus Jr locks.