Yale YDR50G Lock

Hi All,

I am having a US SmartThings and a Yale Lock which is bought in India. Since my SmartThings is from the US, I cannot use the Z Wave module for that lock as it has only Indian Z Wave module.

So I can use only BLE module of the lock. I am trying to find out whether this lock Bluetooth module can be paired with smartthings?

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You’ll need a new lock, the integration is for zigbee or zwave.

You can try to get a US Z-wave module and then it will be compatible with your US Hub.
Otherwise, the Hub hasn’t got any Bluetooth capability, only Z-wave and Zigbee

Update: I cannot find any images what kind of modules are these locks using, if it is the usual Yale modules, then you are lucky, otherwise if they have made some special for Asia, then you are unfortunately screwed with it. None of the websites lists the module for this lock.