Yale Connexis Battery indication

Hi, I have recently installed Z wave module 2 in the Yale Connexis L1 lock. and connected it to Samsung Smartthing version 2 . All has gone well except that I noticed that the battery indication on the Smarthings app for the lock shows 1 %. When I installed 2 days back it was showing 20%. On my Yale app it shows about 2 bars which is somewhere between 25-50%.
Usually if the battery is that low the lock itself will indicate every time we lock or unlock it. But this has not happened. Any suggestions?

Hi @Abhay_Joshi!
Try to reset your lock (see lock manual), some of the z-wave modules have an issue and stop reporting battery levels. Reset helps.

Just for your information the 1% isn’t reported by the lock, the lock would report 0xFF likely which is then shown as 1% by the DTH. See this posts for more details:

I hope this information is useful for you to understand how is working!

Thanks Gisele. Really appreciate that. I am just worried that by reseting the lock I may have to recreat all the keys again which means that I may have to use the keys from the leftover credit keys.

Thanks & Regards