SmartThings App does not show correct battery percentage for Yale lock after new batteries installed

I have a Yale RealLiving Touchscreen lever lock (Z-wave) that has been working just fine with my SmartThings hub and app for the last year. I finally had to change batteries in it. However, after I installed brand new batteries, my SmartThings app still says battery level is at 5% and will not update it. The lock works just fine through the App (my SmartHub detects the lock, and registers it as locked or unlocked, and the I can lock/unlock it just fine through the App). It just doesn’t register the correct battery percentage. Is there something I’m missing here? I can live with it the way it is if I have to as long as the lock and the App are both working as they should. Just wondering …

When did you change the batteries? My Yale lock has taken up to several days before it reports its battery status after changing the batteries.

You can try to reset the lock, that helps sometimes. Also click on the refresh tile a couple of times in the Classic app.

I changed them yesterday.