Why is lock's battery status not updating?

The battery level on my Kwikset 914 z wave lock at my house was down to 60%. Since I will be away for several months, I replaced the batteries with brand new ones, fresh out of the package. However, the battery level still shows only 60% in the SmartThings app.

How can I get the app to show the proper battery level for my lock? It’s been less than 24 hours.Should I just be patient or is there something I need to do? What I really would prefer not to do is have to exclude the lock and then add it again, as I’m afraid I’ll get a glitch and not be able to add it. I’m leaving soon and do not want to worry about potentially not having the lock available.


I have the same lock and the same thing happened to me and I didn’t see the update until the the following day after I installed new batteries.

I have same issue with Yale Real Living. Not sure if it’s the zigbee or the Z-Wave frequency. I’ll have to check that later today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hapster.

Changed batteries out yesterday afternoon which was about 17 hours ago. Is it a full 24 hour period for update to post? Thanks in advance for any input. Hapster.

I think battery status updates on locks are hit and miss. I have several YRD240s and I replaced the batteries on one of them ---- a little over a year ago, and it still reports 1%. The others are reporting OK, I think (73%, 56%, 33% …). Until the battery reporting gets fixed (DTH?), I’ll just rely on the locks’ low battery indicator …

Ok thanks. Appreciate the info! Yep the lock actually alerted me as well. That will have to do for now.

Did you try to reset the lock? Sometimes that helps. It’s more for a firmware thing than a DTH. Also are you using rechargeables?

Yup, tried resetting when I replaced the batteries … good ole’ Costco alkaline batteries here :smile:

Try to remove and reseat the z wave module or switch em out between the locks and see if that helps.

I’ll reseat the module and see what happen. I don’t even want to touch the other locks (other than lock and unlock them, LOL) since they’re reporting fine — but eventually, I have to replace their batteries as well (about 1 year for the rest, I think).

Well, that didn’t work, LOL … but thanks for the suggestion, @RBoy. This must be one of the longest lasting 1%-left battery ever! :wink:

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UPDATE to help those out who still have NOT SEEN BATTERY STATUS UPDATE TO 100% after battery change out on YALE REAL LIVING keyless deadbolt.

I went ahead and removed the device from the wireless network ( removed it from the SmartThings app/network, the second step of process requiring using touchscreen on device, by starting with master passcode, then following prompts on lock screen to remove the actual lock from network)

I then reinstalled it by adding “a thing” to STs, selecting locks, then Yale Real Living model 240, and then again using the touchscreen on the device to pair it, starting with master passcode to join network by following screen prompts. Like magic! Battery level on newly reinstalled device on STs came to 100% when It showed up in my things!

Hope this helps those out there like myself who couldn’t stand looking at that little yellow corner flag showing battery level at only 1%!:warning: