Yale Lock YRD120 after replacing battery smartthings shows 0%

I replaced the batteries on my z-Wave enabled Yale Lock model YRD120 (YRD120ZW0BP) and the SmartThings App continues to show the level as 0%. All other info like lock status is correct. Also I am able to lock/unlock from the SmartApp – only the battery level seems to be incorrect. Any idea how to fix it?

I think it can take up to 24 hours (or perhaps longer) for SmartThings to receive a “battery level” from some locks. At least it did for my Kwikset SmartCode 916. I am not sure why this happens, and yes it was frustrating for me thinking that my new batteries were low!

I have the exact same issue with Kwikset. I was using the reporting lock DH or something like that.

I switched to @RBoy universal lock DH which should work for your device also, hence universal. The battery updates properly after about 2 min. Waiting a month didn’t help, so I switch DH.

Downside, you need to give @RBoy money, but I was already a subscriber. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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