August Connect - update?

I know there are several postings previously about the August Connect being the way we will be able to integrate the August with SmartThings. @Ben confirmed this previously in August Locks Connect

However - I’ve had my August Connect for over a month now - and can’t find ANYTHING on the internet post-the devices actually coming out? Is anyone working on an integration? Did August publish the API (I can’t find it?)… what’s the status of this - anyone know? Would love an update.


I wouldn’t panic. The August lock runs on BT which is not yet compatible with ST (maybe ver 2). Anyway, August recently released their extender device which allows the August lock to be controlled over Wi-Fi.

I ordered one and received an e-mail stating shipping was delayed due to the strikes at the ports along the west coast. This likely means other ST enthusiasts are in the same boat. I can only assume when the ST community receives the August wi-fi extender, some genius (I am not one of them) will develop a device type for the August lock.


Right. SmartThings isn’t compatible with BT - but that’s why the Connect was released. The Connect bridges WiFi and BT. The Connect has been out for a while (I’ve had mine for a month) - and I haven’t heard of anyone working on the integration.

That’s correct, the problem with the integration is that, at this moment, August doesn’t support push events on their API. Considering the importance on accuracy, regarding the door being lock or not, we rather wait, for security reasons, until they implement this.

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Thanks for the reply, Juan!

I’ve had mine for a while now too. It’s a complete waste of $50 bucks as the device is painfully useless without ST integration. I could chuck into the trash right now and not feel a thing, lol.

Completely agree with you, Pete. It’s frustrating. I also have a Logitech harmony which is supposed to work with the August, but it doesn’t. Desperately trying o get my August connected to ST somehow… Because it’s a pile of crap without integration.

I don’t see anything on their site about it - do we have any idea how long it will be until this is implemented and we can start integrating August with SmartThings?

I’m interested in this too. Patiently sitting on a fence waiting for a solution from one of the behind the door retrofits (August, Danalock, Lockitron, maybe Sesame) that is SmartThings compatible.

Right now google doesn’t lead me anywhere near the August API. Does anyone have the documentation for their API?

Sigh. This is just stupid. Even if it isn’t necessarily the news we want, it would be nice if SOMEONE would communicate with us about this.

So, the august smart lock has released the connect, which makes it possible to access the lock through wifi, but there is still no intergration with smartthings?

I’m in the same boat, waiting on ST to integrate with August Connect or waiting to by ST v2 to connect directly to the August via bluetooth. Actually before I purchased the August Connect I went out and bought the logitech home hub as their packaging advertises August lock integration, i figure the harmony home hub supported BT so this would work. Well to my surprise when I took it home and hooked it up, August lock wasn’t YET supported and it was coming. I mean talk about false advertising, the feature wasn’t even ready. I mean by the tim they release it, august and home hub will be obsolete…

Recently logitech just released their May beta which is supposed to work with August Connect (not directly with August) but then the firmware notes said August Connect not working right away need to wait a few more weeks… ugh.

So now I’m signed up for the ST to Harmony Home beta which will should address the ST integration issues with Harmony Home, and i’m signed up for the Harmony Home beta which should add the Harmony Home to August Connect.

So i’m hoping I can use ST to trigger a Harmony Home activity which will control August… Seems convoluted though NO? ha. Then it will eventually be ST - Harmony Home - August Native BT and then it will eventually be STv2 - August Native BT. Seems annoying for all these players to keep up with each other…

The problem with native Bluetooth integration is the range. Essentially the same range as headphones to a phone. 30 feet pretty reliably, maybe 40 or 50 feet, but walls will cut that down. So if you live in a one room studio apartment you’re good, otherwise Bluetooth doesn’t really suit most home automation use cases.

Apple’s homekit is going to use a “bridge and tunnels” protocol which is, frankly, brilliant. You will have a Wi-Fi Bridgepoint in every room, most likely a light switch or a plug-in receptacle. That’s the bridge. Then all the Bluetooth devices in that room will communicate to that point via Bluetooth tunnels. It’s going to add to the energy draw and the device cost of the overall network, but it will be fast, reliable, secure, and allow for forced sequencing.

But without the Wi-Fi bridge, basic Bluetooth devices all have to be in the same room.

There is a newly announced Bluetooth Mesh standard which will solve that, but I don’t know how many devices are going to work with it.

So just having a Bluetooth antenna in the smartthings version two hub and Bluetooth in a harmony controller and Bluetooth on a doorlock isn’t necessarily going to solve problems, because of the range issue.

I agree completely, however in my home my ST hub is setup towards the front of the home which is near the front door where my August lock is situated. So I wouldn’t seem to have bluetooth connectivity issues to the lock. Also when I am upstairs towards the back of my home in my master bedroom my iPhone6 is able to connect to the August lock without problems, and I live in a 2200 sqrft 2 story home.

Yeah, “All home automation is local.” If it works for you, that’s great. :blush:

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In regards to ST and August lock alone without any 3rd parties, it just seems there are a couple patterns that can be used here:

  1. ST V1 or V2 Cloud to Cloud with August Connect (seems to be an issue with the august API at the moment)


  1. ST V2 Bluetooth with August (though as @JDRoberts pointed out there could be some range limitations for some folks)

So it’s still a waiting game at this point. And Still waiting on any official HomeKit announcements to…

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Well i just ordered the Danalock, which has build in Z-wave and i don’t think i will have any problems there.

Any updates here? August announced a small sale - wish it worked with ST :slight_smile:

I wonder if the sale is to reduce inventory before the hoped-for-but-not-announced Fall release of a HomeKit-enabled version?

The long awaited SmartThings v2 announcement has finally arrived. I previous read that this new v2 SmartThings hub would natively support the August Door Lock. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything about its support in this recent announcement. Is it still in the works?