Another SIX MONTHS ROLLS BY, August Smartlock with Connect STILL no word on integration

I’m looking forward to getting an August and Connect. I saw news a year ago that this would soon be compatible with ST through the August Connect module.

Not a single word from either August or SmartThings on getting these devices to play nice. Why can’t the developers chime in on this? Why won’t anyone give us any news?

Is anyone working on this? Will we EVER get to control the lock seamlessly?

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Hey there!

We can’t wait to support August! Their current API doesn’t support what we need yet. Check out more here:

That post is from March. Again, months go by, No news. That is not an update.
This is exactly like when I set up my v1 hub and your engineers jacked with my backend at least twice without telling me anything and broke my system.

You guys are simply terrible at communication, and that is very disturbing when the entire basis of your product is …communication.

Please give us a real update, like a date when we can expect to use this feature advertized a year ago.

Same update unfortunately. The August API doesn’t support the feature set necessary to complete the integration with SmartThings. We don’t have any news to post, which I suppose acknowledging that is better than no update at all! We don’t have a date when their API is going to support these features, so I can’t give you a real update like an estimated date of completion or publication.

I’m not certain where we advertised support with August besides demonstrating a proof of concept integration at CES 2014.

Either way, thanks for creating this topic. I’ll check with the team and see if there’s anything going on that I’m not aware of.

Sorry to hear about the other troubles you’ve had! PM me if there’s anything I can do to assist.

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It was more than a proof of concept mention a year ago. It was and is still featured as “coming soon” on the official SmartThings blog.


Exactly, it was touted as a working model, as if it were weeks/a few months away. It’s been 18 months since then. How does it take a year and a half to finalize something that was already working?

The blocking issue at this time is on the August side. When that issue is resolved we’ll be able to resume work on the integration. Until that time this integration is on hold and there is nothing we can “finalize” on our side, even with an infinite amount of time.

I appreciate the feedback about how we can communicate our roadmap better. @slagle has been working on something related to this and I think you’ll be pleased.


I got an update for my harmony home control this morning that allows it to control the August lock through the the August Connect. I haven’t tested it out yet but just downloaded the update to the app at work and will test it when I get home. Any news on the Smartthings side?

@Tyler just curious what is the issue with their API? I’ve been using the Logitech beta with August and it seems to work fine. Connectivity has been hit or miss though. Then they pulled it from the beta but looks like they added it back into their latest public release.

I don’t have either, but is August Connect a requirement on the mobile side? Is it interacting at the mobile app level instead of a cloud level?

If so, that make for an interesting intent based engagement. ST mobile apps don’t have any OS level awareness to interact with other installed apps. Just cloud to cloud.

Since August isn’t really cloud based, its phone based, I wonder how an integration could really work?

Does the August Connect app relay anything to/from the cloud?

August connect is their optional wifi/Bluetooth bridge, so the lock can be controlled via cloud when the paired phone is absent.

I know this is more of a hack, but I found a repo on GitHub for someone that created a node.js module to control the August lock with a Mac/Linux machine. You just have to pull the unique key your iPhone/Android uses to control the lock and then it can be controlled from the command line. My '08 MBP doesn’t seem to meet the requirements for BLE 4.0 but maybe someone here will have better luck getting it to work.

Here’s a video of it in action with an Amazon Echo-

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Sorry Cassidy, not spending $300 to find out if a dubious security compromising exploit works when the official word seems to be “we don’t like communication with our partners or customers”

I’m not recommending you spend the $300 either, this was just a possible alternative integration method for the few of us that already own the lock and have been holding out for the official integration. While I am right there with you waiting on the official integration, most community members (myself included) usually aren’t patient people and will venture down unique paths to get SmartThings to play nicely.

Still no news? Almost 5 more months rolled by.

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It’s very disappointing. I have the August lock and Connect. I understand that the API doesn’t support sending the lock status the way that SmartThings would like to see, however it does support sending a lock or unlock command and this would be good enough for a Labs integration.

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snooze any updates?

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No updates yet. Sorry guys.

Hey guys,

As an August Lock owner, and recent SmartThings owner, found a little frustrating not having my lock integrated to the app. As a developer, really want to have it working - and will post more details on another thread.

Started working on an integration myself, based on a project posted on github:

Managed to get the first piece working, now missing only the ST integration. Just a Raspberry Pi and a bluetooth adapter needed ( ~15usd ).

I know sounds bad having to hack, but at least it is something …


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This and the broken Sonos integration are my two biggest pet peeves with ST, even more than the downtime. Locking up at night and turning off the music when I leave are two of the basics for me.