Yale Conexis l1

Afraid not. I found it difficult Tom source a smart multipoint lock and apart from Yale, most others appear to be designed for American markets… the instructoins DO show a diagram of where to fit the module but they’re just not yet available. You can, however, email a customisable key to anyone from anywhere and this can be time-limited or open-access. Are you looking for remote access e.g. for deliveries or do you want the door to unlock on arrival? It isn’t necessary to ‘use’ the app and you need only twist your phone to activate unlocking feature…

It’s for use with Airbnb, so I’d like to either open the door remotely or give a code to be entered in the lock.

The second people have to register or download apps etc. it just adds too much friction.

I got a lock the day after launch.the lock is brilliant, the Yale software not so at the moment! So while I was put it on the door. I nipped off and got a z wave module.i put it in and smartthings picks it up as a z wave lock at the moment.but you can unlock it and lock it from st.ive set a unlock schedule, when x arrives unlock, and it works every time. This was the only lock I could find also for the multipoint door locks.this or the other keypad take lock.

Hi can you tell me how you paired the lock with smartthings? I purchased the module and put it in the conexis L1 lock but I can not get the smarthings hub to find the lock. I have tried pressing the R button at the back of the lock but the smarthings app can’t seem to find it. Any help would be greatfully received! Thanks in advance

Anyone help with advising how to put the lock into pairing mode so that smartthings can see it? According to shotgun185 it can be done, I have tried everything I can think of but it’s not having it for me. Smartthings just refuses to see the lock. I can’t find anything on line advising me of what to do to put the lock into pairing mode. Help!!

Hi jase001.
All I did was put the z wave module in the top of the lock.this must be done with the batteries out.dont ask me why.surpose it’s so it registers the module. then replace the batteries and it lit up the light under the module. Then went in to smartthings.got ready to search.pushed the r button on the lock.then searched for it in the app.from memory it took a couple of goes.cant remember if i also tried looking for it through the the other yale lock which is already on the app.sorry this might sound a bit backwards!i know what I mean thou.:thinking:

quick question…

with the Z wave enabled, can i lock without lifting the handle?

example… i would want to be able to lock from upstairs

i did wonder this.but I think you have to always make sure the handle is lifted first.which is a shame cause u still can’t lock it from anywhere unless the handle is up?? Bit stupid actually.

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Got ST connected to the lock. Took a couple of attempts to pair. If it fails, remove the module & batteries, reinsert module, then batteries, wait 30 seconds, press R button 3 times, then add in ST app. 2nd attempt it was found within a couple of seconds.

I can lock/unlock & see status, battery level & history of the lock. A couple of observations:

You can’t lock if last handle movement wasn’t up
Status does not get updated if unlocked with Yale app
History does not record unlocks done with Yale app

Edit: Finding status isn’t always updating after any action outside ST. To refresh I unlock/relock using ST

You can only lock and unlock the door if the multi lock points have been engaged by pulling the handle up.

So if you’ve not pulled the handle up after last opening the door and you want to lock it, you’ll have to go manually pull the handle up first.

If you’ve engaged the locking mechanism to multi lock the door though you can unlock and relock it.

Here’s a quick video showing my door being unlocked and relocked using my mobile.

Hey all,
Just received my z-wave module for my conexis l1 but I’m struggling to pair with smartthings.

How close does the lock have to be to the hub? Closest I’ve had it is about 15ft.

And I’ve fitted the module to the lock with batteries out. But question is, is how do you get the lock in pairing mode?

One press of the R button gives a short ‘beep’ another press gives a longer ‘beeping’ sound

And pointers people?

Cheers in advance

I don’t get the benefit of this over the keyfree? How do you unlock this if you phone is dead… you have to carry a fob… so you might as well have a key. The key free requires carrying nothing…?

That said if you can change the volume of the audio feedback then it’s a winner!

I could not get the z-wave module to register at all. Tried 3 presses, tried hard reset, tried multiple resets and button presses.

In the end, I switched the module from my keyfree into it, then it worked straight away!

I just registered the new module in my keyfree. Now I’m all good.


I am currently working on a renovation on my home and the existing front door is getting replaced. I have a multipoint lock system there now, and my contractor suggest that due to the very high winds we regularly see in my home’s location that I should stick with that kind of system.

I was hoping to use a smart lock integrated into ST. I’ve got a Schlage on the back garage door that works wonderfully and I’d like to bring those features to the front door.

Unfortunately the only system I can find that somewhat supports this is the Yale Conexis L1 - and I can’t seem to find it in the US. It was mentioned earlier in this thread that other systems had been found for the American market, however I’ve not been able to locate them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is anyone else seeing a massive power drain on their reported battery levels on the Conexis L1?
I installed it last week, battery seems to be dropping about 10% a day!

Is perhaps the reading not pulling through correctly? Currently the battery is showing at 18% since 6 days ago

Anyone have experience with this lock in the U.S? Would I be able to use a U.S Z-Wave/ZigBee Module?


What lock do you have it installed as in ST, remember any pairing won’t be with an official Yale device handler so readings won’t be right.

Unless your batteries actually die don’t worry about the reading, ST tells my Ring Doorbells are lower than the official Ring app, so I don’t take pay attention to ST battery level.

Hey simeontuitt not sure if you saw my Tweet but could you answer my question. On the post above, thanks! It seems that you are the only one I could find that is familiar with this lock

Thanks Simon, I’m using Rboy’s device handler and it seems to work pretty well, apart from the battery issue (which incidentally doesn’t seem to be an issue for my Yale Keyfree).


Just installed a couple of yale conexis, same problem getting them pair with smartthings, tried the above but any tips would be greatly appreciated