Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

Hi there,
Has anyone used the Yale Conexias L1 Smart Lock (with Z wave module) to connect to smartthings so as when unlocked turns off the smartthings security system? I’m thinking this will get round the lack of delayed activation when entering the house? In addition, will the other ways of opening the lock, tags, cards etc other than the app still register to the hub and turn the system off?

The situation I have is that I would like the smartthings security but have children and parents needing access to the house who don’t have the app. Has anyone been able to work a system out for this given the lack of delayed entrance functionality?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Kickoraptor.
I’ve had nothing but disasters with my Conexis L1 Smart Lock and now wish I had never bought it in the first place. It’s less than a week old and has more issues than the manual could cater for; not to mention the deplorable response from Yale. As of this date, I am still awaiting a reply from last Thursday when the issues first started. They just keep multiplying. Now it effectivly plays an anthum and flashes all the lights it has available every 10 seconds. Conexis L1 has officially lost the plot!
I couldn’t advise anyone to buy one at this stage, especially with no committed back-up from Yale.
Expanding your system sounds like a disaster awaiting at some stage. Your a brave man.

My experience is not the same. It sounds like your batteries might be low - the low battery warning is designed to get your attention.

ST’s stock device handler for the conexis L1 drains the batteries flat in 3 days to a week. It’s no good. This isn’t Yale’s fault. You need a third party device handler (I went for RBoy’s). Obviously this only applies if you have the Z-Wave module.

I think the lock is great.

I did contact Yale about the battery drain issue. They don’t seem to reply to electronic comms at all, but were very good on the phone.

I’ve not got round to looking at disarming the alarm on unlock, although I’m sure it’s possible I don’t know if it’s quick enough to disarm without setting something off first. My main reason for not trying it yet, is that you have to remember to arm on exit, and I’ve not really got into that habit. I could do this on locking the door, but there is no differentiation between locking from the inside, and locking from the outside.

Presence isn’t reliable, but I do need to look into this a bit more.

Great reply and thanks.
Yes it is a shame my experience hasn’t been good, not to mention Yale’s response too.
I’m not a techy, so I don’t understand what a ST’s stock device handler is. I don’t have a Z-Wave module installed.
I tested the batteries removed in the first instance to check, and they we’re only 10% depleated; I replaced them with new Duracells and put it all back together. Powered up as expected and within 3 minutes all started off again. Now there were no keys that could access the lock, the mobile key had stopped working too although could communicate with the lock. I had to delete all the keys (4) and re-add them again. However it looses the keys as quickly as you store them and we currently have two that will work… but for how long? The original Initial Credential doesn’t work either now and it won’t allow that to be reprogrammed. In all, a nightmare! Fortunatly, we do have another exit to our home, until Yale respond to us. We are DEAF, so telephones are not an option!
Good to read somebody has had a better experience.

Thanks for the replies. Its a pity there doesn’t seem to be a full ST security system that can be used by the whole family. I’ve researched this a lot but without a delayed entry exit capability it seems its not possible. Unless anyone can tell me otherwise, or ST support can pin a date on that capability or just say they aren’t going to do it?

It’s probably one of the most wished for things on this forum, and ST staff have actually said in the past that it wouldn’t be out of the question, and probably not that hard to achieve. It’s just that there aren’t enough people asking for it! (I expect that’s in a sense of the wider user base).

So, my advice would be, put the question to support to add your voice. And watch this space.

Thanks John I’ll do that. I would think ST would gain a greater share of the home security market if they added the delay feature. Its so easy to program, i’m pretty sure the feature could be programmed and tested in a few days. Certainly for the multipurpose contacts and sensors.
The traditional home alarms are expensive and would be difficult to justify monthly fees when ST could do it for free. Add a wireless keypad and its an easy sell. Then you have people hooked on all the other possibilities with ST!
Thank you.

Hi did you ever get that issue sorted where you removed the initial credentials? I had the same issue it’s a nightmare. I can’t get any keys to work on my lock and it won’t let me register any new ones.


Hi all. I’m planning to buy this lock but have a questions about a few things.

  1. Can the sounds be turned off? From what I have read here, it should be possible with custom device handler?

  2. Does it always lock the door when You lift the handle? Can this be turned off? I understand it can’t be locked by Smartthings if the handle has not been lifted and if it locks when you lift the handle, then this basically means it can’t be locked remotely.

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Hi. I purchased and had fitted professionally a Yale Conexis L1 with a z wave module. As above says it cannot be locked unless the handle is up, which locks the door anyway so it kinda defeats the object. On SmartThings site it says it can lock the door when you leave with automation.

This is not true. Almost had an argument with SmartThings support because he insisted it could do what they advertise. And I told him that Yale had told me that it cannot and the handle must be lifted with locks the door anyway. I purchased this on misadvertised information. Happy with the lock generally but disappointed in SmartThings advertising this and the support telling me this is correct. The person named Dan patronised me on the chat help like I was an idiot. Sort it out SmartThings !!

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