Yale Conexis L1 Z-Wave on Smart Things

Yes it will work but keep in mind that lithium batteries have a very flat voltage discharge curve. While it helps in reducing fluctuations, however the lock is tuned to report the battery % based on a Alkaline curve. So with a lithium 1.5v battery it’ll last 2-4 times longer but you’ll have to replace the battery at maybe 95% since the curve is flatter. See this topic for more details Schlage Door Lock Battery Died Suddenly and results here Battery Life for smart Doorlocks

There are 2 DTH’s that work with SmartLocks for code programming, the stock Z-Wave Lock which runs locally and the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH which unlocks a few additional features for Yale locks (and fixes some bugs), but it runs in the cloud. You’ll need access to RBoy Apps to get the Enhanced DTH.