Yale Conexis L1 won’t connect to smartthing v3

Does the lock work with the SmartThings v3 I can’t get it to show just can some one help

Is that a Bluetooth lock or z-wave?

I have a purple module that required but just can’t connect find my lock in the app

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Z wave If is

Try performing a z-wave exclusion on the lock and then get it close to the ST hub when you try to pair it

I tried that putting it on top of the lock :smile:

Have you tried the z-wave exclusion ?

Yes I tried that

Try these steps:

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Reboot the hub
  3. Pair the lock within 5ft of the hub

Also check if you have any custom device handlers installed and “republish” them in the IDE, unused DTH’s can interfere with the installation process due to a bug in the platform: FAQ: My lock/device does not pair or appears to pair but it won't show up in the mobile app or IDE - stale DTH

Make sure it’s locked, then lift the handle as far as it will go, hold it there and press reset 3 times in quick succession.

This will reset the zwave module.

Now pair the lock.

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Hi All, I’m having the same issue I’ve factory reset both the Hub and the Yale L1 however when press the R button three times the Smartthings application doesn’t recognize it.

I can confirm the following list of equipment:
Samsung Hub V2
Yale L1
Yale Z-Wave module

Any help would be great

Try to “exclude” the lock from the hub first.

I’m having the exact same issue as Andrew.
I have a v3 hub, this is the first device I’ve tried to add.
I’ve tried all the suggestions in this thread.
i contacted Yale, they told me to trake the battery out for 15 minutes, which didn’t work either.
Looking at the events table I see the zwave search starts and the zwave search ends.
I’ve emailed Smartthings support

I get the error code 34-302
I’ve tried to google search the error but find mothing.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Just to add my experience here - I have a v2 hub and added a new Yale L1 Z-Wave addon (the blue one) about a month ago.

First I tried using the new app, I didn’t get very far with this. The app wouldn’t focus on the (very small) QR code, and wouldn’t accept a manual input.

It went on fine with the classic app without much effort.

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If you aren’t able to scan the QR code, you can still try these options with the new app:

  1. Use the S2 secure pairing method as described here with the Generic Z-Wave option, when it gets to the QR code, it’ll give you an option to enter the DSK key manually instead of scanning it (this is only available using the latest ST app and the Generic Z-Wave option).
  2. Use the Scan nearby option when adding a device in the ST app, this will pair using S0 (which shoudn’t matter for most devices but some devices like the Ring keypad are finicky about it)

Thanks for these further suggestions.
Unfortunately they haven’t worked for me. When trying the Generic Z-Wave option I don’t even get to the point where I am able to add the DSK, it doesn’t find anything, nor does scan nearby.

Many Thanks

Did you exclude the lock first (reboot the hub can help before a pairing, but exclusion is important)?

Thanks very much for your reply again.

This ia the sequence I’ve jusr followed;

Disconnect hub (lan & power)
Power up the hub and let it reconnect to wifi
Followed instructions to exclude Z=wave (pressed button 3 times on lock)

  • “No devices were deleted…”
    Tried again
  • “No devices were deleted…”

Resest Zwave (lifted handle & pressed button 3 time)

Tried to add lock again
Error 34-302

Reset Zwave on lock
Reboot hub

Tried to add generic Zwave device
Error 34-302

Distance berween hub and lock is about 1ft

Many thanks

I"m assuming you’ve put the hub into exclusion mode. Where are you seeing this “error”?