Yale Conexis L1 notifications

Hi there.

I have a couple of Conexis L1 locks hooked up to SmartThings using the new Zwave 2 module.

I have configured a bunch of fobs to open the locks. What I’d like to achieve is that I get a notification saying ‘XXX opened the lock’.

It would be great if XXX is the name attached to the fob in the Conexis app… But if it was ‘Fob 1’ or whatever, I would be happy with just that…

Has anyone got something like this working?

If you have access RBoy Apps check out this app. That what’s it designed to do notify and take actions when users use the lock. You may also need the Universal enhanced Z wave lock device handler if you want to use the RFID for notifications

Hi RBoy

Thanks for your response. I had a question regarding the smart app “User Unlock/Lock Door Notifications and Actions”…

Can I use this app in conjunction with the standard SmartThings lock device handler to report which RFID tag unlocked the Conexis L1? Or do I need to use the extended custom device handler?

I quite keen on staying with the SmartThings device handler, but I don’t mind the idea of adding an extra SmartApp to do the reporting I need…


Good question. The new stock ST device handler does support some extended locks but reports them as keypad operations instead of RFID. You can try it out and see if it works. Do note that some firmware versions don’t report RFiD activity over z wave so you’ll have to test your lock out and see if it’s reporting the information over z wave and if the stock is parsing it. If both are yes then the SmartApp will process it just fine.

Did you manage to achieve this Peter? All my RFID tags are appearing as ‘Slot 1’ :frowning:

I’m also keen to see if there was any outcome for this, as I only seem to have one RFID working as ‘code 1’ (no idea how I set this up, it just works intermittently). I can reload commands through the standard ST Smart Locks app, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Has anybody managed to get RFID tag notifications using the Yale Conexis L1 ?
I’ve tried everything, installing RBoys lock user management device handler and user lock/unlock door notifications SmartApp but still no luck.
I have names in slots 1-6 which are blue in the app but not reporting anything.
Any help would be appreciated.