Yale Conexis L1 firmware update module (UK)


I’ve been having a long term issue with one of my Conexis L1 locks (firmware 1.0.0, and faces west), which causes it to alarm when there’s wind and rain coming from an easterly direction.

From looking online a while back, it is a known problem, and is resolved with a firmware update.

The only way to update the firmware, is to get a firmware update module, and I requested one from Yale Support, back in November 2020. I last followed this up a few days ago, and Yale continue to say there are no modules available.

They ask that all modules be returned to them, after the user has updated their lock(s), so looks like there are a lot of modules not being sent back.

So asking if anyone has one of these precious firmware update modules (or knows someone who has one), that they could send to me. I’d then update my locks, and will send the module back to the that person.

It’s a really annoying problem, and the only was I have (just now) to stop the lock alarming, is to remove the batteries during the weather period, which can be frequent in the very north of Scotland.

My locks were installed in 2018, so they’re also outside of the 2 year Yale warranty period.

So, any help appreciated.


Hi, I’ll give them a call tomorrow and ask them about this and see if I have any luck.

Well not good news.

They know its an issue and have a fix in terms of new firmware, the trouble in the UK is that they don’t have an update module that plugs into the lock to update the firmware and haven’t had one for over a year. They will replace the lock if it’s within the 2yr warrantee and you have your original proof of purchase.
I’ve raised a complaint as I cant find my proof of purchase and not happy that I have a known faulty £200 piece of equipment. #crapcustomerservice

What can I say… but a very big thanks to Yale.

After a couple of emails and a telephone call, they have sent me a new lock with updated firmware to resolve this known issue.

I stuck to the fact that they knew this was a faulty unit and at they price they need to replace it.

Thanks Yale

That’s :sunglasses: Wish they’d send me a new lock. :slightly_frowning_face:

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