Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock beeping all the time

Hello everyone ,

My Yale lock is constantly beeping with error , the handle is in the correct position and it works perfectly but the beeping is driving me mad , someone said its the rain oil the sensor outside causing this , Has anyone come across this before and is there a fix , Thank you

That’s the handle ajar alert. You should contact Yale support if it is beeping when the handle is in the correct position.

yes its 100% in the lock position , Ive even took it apart and reinstalled it , Just beeps with error , thanks

If you wipe the sensor outside it stops beeping for about 20 mins until it gets wet again so it looks like its the rain thats triggering the problem , What can be done please ?

Contact Yale support and ask for a replacement lock since it’s defective.

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really ?
its only a year old

You bet! There’s nothing SmartThings can do to fix the beeping coming from a faulty device. It should not do that and it should be tolerant of weather.

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will they replace ?

I have no idea. Depends on the warranty, how you’ve used it, etc. Start here:



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Thank you for your help

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Ive had my lock for about a year and I had that problem once and I can confirm it is rain. I spoke to yale and they told me to wipe the handle dry and that solved the problem.
It’s to do with the sensor falsely detecting presence and waking up and then not seeing a tag.
Luckily I’ve not had rain like that since so never had the problem since

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There are 2 threads with this issue (and I cant find the other one now lol).
Anyway, I called Yale today and tried everything I could to get a resolution.
They know its an issue and have a fix in terms of new firmware, the trouble in the UK is that they don’t have an update module that plugs into the lock to update the firmware and haven’t had one for over a year. They will replace the lock if it’s within the 2yr warrantee and you have your original proof of purchase.
I’ve raised a complaint as I cant find my proof of purchase and not happy that I have a known faulty £200 piece of equipment. #crapcustomerservice

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Here’s the other one: