Yale Assure smart lock

I am considering getting a smart lock, seems like the Yale Assure would work well (both BT & Z-Wave).

One thing I haven’t figured out is could I use it for presence detection?

The case I am thinking about is I want to give access to my house to a sitter. I can give her a key or a code to get into the house. But I would like to know when she leaves. I don’t think this helps at all in that respect.

Any thoughts?

I have a couple of Yale yrd120s (T1L).

Instead of giving her a code to enter to unlock the door, what about giving her a SmartThings Presence sensor so when she shows up, it automatically unlocks a specific door and Disarms the SHM, and when she leaves and presence is no longer detected, if she doesn’t lock the door, you automatically lock it when her presence sensor leaves the perimeter and arm the system again with your routines. Just a thought on a very simple route.

Yea, I got one of those, runs through a battery in a couple of months. I’ll probably ride up an external battery pack for it, but that totally stinks.

I am considering doing an iBeacon setup though!

The battery goes that quick. I have one in my truck and have had it for 6 months and my battery is still at 88%. If you give it to the sitter permanently and she isn’t in range except when she comes over, the battery should last well over a year. And if it’s about safety and you don’t want her to have it full time, then you could disable the routine for that arrival sensor. But even if you give it to her / him to keep, you will always be able to track whether they came or went. You could also add an account for the sitter and their cell phone. That’s another option and a separate routine that does just enough stuff for the sitter.

Nest just announced their new indoor camera today “IQ” as well that has facial recognition. Really hoping for an official Nest integration into ST to be able to take that into account, because then if you add that person’s facial recognition, you could fire off a routine based on that. Well, first they will need to add that to their outdoor camera too.

If she logs into your Wi-Fi, including a guest Wi-Fi network, it’s likely that your router already has logs of when her phone comes and goes.

You can consider getting a Schlage deadbolt lock like the BE469. It has an external “lock” button on it (some Yale’s also have that button and you can use that also). The Schlage has an extra feature that allow someone to lock the door with the code (instead of just a button press, you need to enter your code first).

When she leaves the house ask her to use her code to lock the door (similar to unlocking) it. Now you can get notified when she comes and when she leaves. If you’ve configured to allow locking with the code, she can also lock using the button without the code, you will get notified of the lock but you won’t be able to tell who locked it, that’s the advantage of enabling the code based keypad locking feature on the Schlage lock.

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Nope. Running google wifi which doesn’t have access to logs or events like that.

Google wifi has IFTTT integration, which you can use to flip a presence device in SmartThings. It’s somewhat slow, but works. But honestly in this situation i’d just setup a code and use RBoy’s app for maintenance, notification and/or rules.

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Oh hey! Didn’t notice that!

I can maybe try that out, dunno how reliable that would be; phones sometimes “go to sleep”

I think the ST presence sensors are pinging every 30 seconds or so regardless of whether they’re in range of the hub. I have one on our babysitter’s keychain and it never lasts more than a month or two.

Seriously? Wow! Mine is on my keychain and sitting in the ignition of the truck 24 / 7 and I have had it for 6 months. I checked the battery when I posted earlier today and it’s at 88%. Haven’t changed the battery once. Would range and it falsely going on and off create quicker battery drain?

What brand of batteries are you using?

That is correct, it pings every 30 seconds whether it’s in range or not. Battery usage should be the same regardless of whether your account thinks you are home or away. That calculation is done in the cloud.

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Lol I don’t know. I purchased the Arrival Sensor at Best Buy and have never opened it up.

Just cracked it open for the first time. Panasonic CR2032

Yea, I bought mine a few weeks ago, it was at 100%. It is now at 70%.

I’ll give you $10 for yours…


JD - I purchased mine right at the end of December so if it pings every 30 seconds, how is it possible that mine has lasted this long and is still 88%. I don’t use it in my routines, but I do receive notifications every time I come and go.

Hmm. I don’t remember how long the first battery lasted after I got the presence sensor, but it wasn’t anything impressive. Recently I’ve been using possibly knockoff maxell batteries (I complained to amazon the packaging didn’t match the website image, so they comped it :slight_smile:). So they’ve been especially bad.

But if you think about it, for a pretty small device it’s fairly active at every 30 seconds with no apparent sleep mode, so I don’t expect the battery to last that long anyway. I have another one I haven’t opened yet, I could try switching them out to see if it makes a big difference.

I don’t know, the battery usage on these things seems to vary wildly from one device to another even if they are both bought at the same time.