Looking for easy presence detection

I have given my pet sitter a Samsung Presence Sensor. The concept is great, she can just carry it with her and my house will recognize when she is arrives and leaves.

The problem is ridiculous battery life (which I have read about elsewhere).

So, I am looking for alternatives. I don’t really want to have her install an app on her phone where she needs to share her location with me (like life360) nor do I want to have her install the smartthings app and give her access to all my smartthings just to do phone based presence detection.

Any other options folks have?

have you tried looking into smart door locks? Perhaps thats a way of knowing when she arrives/leaves?

I dont have one but theres plenty of info regarding smart locks in this forum that might be handy

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Yea, I think eventually I’ll go that route. But looking for another option if available.

Hi @Scott_Chapman,

Did you think about battery mofying the presence sensor. I use mine for my car and my dad’s truck. So I know when they come and go. There is a thread about that and it makes the battery swapping problem a lot easier and cheaper.

Check this thread out. I posted my project there too:

My post:https://community.smartthings.com/t/presence-sensor-battery-upgrade/79737/36?u=lmosenko

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That’s not a bad idea. It would be simple. You can get a fuse adapter and a voltage adapter . . . I think the AA will work for a couple years. If they fail, I’ll wire it up.

I see that you used the cigarette adapter. It would be cleaner to just wire it to the fuse box and hide it away.

The voltage draw should be so minor, I wouldn’t worry about, not even with the tiny golf cart sized battery that’s in my Fit. (I’ve been considering a batter mod. . . . )

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