Yale Keyfree Digital Door Lock

Hi All,

Im not sure how to integrate this into Smarthings via a Smart App. So basically, using IFTT I can send a notification to my phone or iWatch notifying me that the door has been unlocked. However, when i look in Smarthings there is no way of actually doing this as it does not recognise the yale door lock as a sensor or unlock feature. (unless im looking in the wrong place)

Does anyone know how this could be done or how to create my own smartapp allowing me to be notified when the Door is unlocked when its in a certain mode etc?

Any advise would be highly appreciated.


Which model #? It has wifi? How is it communicating with IFTTT now?

Are you using the basic device handler? I noticed its a little restricting so I ended up using a DTH from here on the forums.
Is it a ZigBee or zwave lock?
You should be able to send notifications to your phone and such just like ifttt all through smartthings.

Ah ok I’ve managed it. Under dashboard then settings button, you have security etc. I selected custom then under there you can create a rule using the Yale lock and be notified by SmartThings when it’s been unlocked etc.

IFTT worked great but couldn’t specify modes. So whenever it was opened or unlocked it notified me which was rather annoying.

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Ok I misunderstood, I thought you meant your lock wasn’t paired to ST at all. It sounds like you’ve figured it out, but yes smart home monitor custom alerts will work for notifications on lock/unlock.