Xiaomi yi WiFi camera

It looks like a dropcam clone, but its difficult to find english instructions , ir supports local storage and its MUCH cheaper (i found it at 23$ in an offer) could it be integrated


bump really? no one interested in this one? :confused: its REALLY cheap and has almost the same specs as a dropcam

If you don’t mind. Where is this offer? $23 bucks. Doesn’t hurt to get one and play around with it.

Maybe there’s more important thing with developer and support at this community.

Because, I think ST now have a lot of fundamental problem with it’s platform and services.

i said 23? sorry it was 28$, thats the link, i found i can be usea with a direct rstp strem

i know, thats why ai ask here in the community and dont ask suppport for it, just wanted to know if some had already solve this out

I looked into this camera today and it doesn’t seem to be an easy one for sure. They won’t even supply you the user name/password not to mention everything is in Chinese.

Exactly, i found online the link for a rstp stream, but you cant use it without the user/password :frowning:

Interesting. I recently got a cheap dropcam, but I’d love some more hd cameras. Here are a few links with more details (including an english translation of the user manual):


Exactly, i could get a dropcam if it had local storage, but paying a monthly fee its not an opcion, im getting around 5 or 6 cameras

According to the thread I linked above, it is possible to downgrade the firmware to get around the password requirement. Unfortunately it appears as if the old firmware has some sort of security hole that was patched with the new firmware. It is unclear if the security hole was the unpassword protected stream or if something else was wrong.

If someone here gets one and integrates it with smartthings, it’ll be great, i’ll buy some but in a few months, integration with smartthings its not that important

I’d be open to buying a few for internal use too…

So after weeks of waiting. I finally got one of this camera and got it working on SmartTiles. Well not directly but through Blue Iris. I am actually very impress for the quality compare to my dropcam. I have to downgrade the firmware and able to speak Chinese after so much googling and Google translate. For ios user using xiaomi home app. It will take less than a minute to set it up.

Edit : forgot that there is a time stamp at one of the corner of the video feed and it’s Asia time zone. Of course… You can’t change or disable it.


Hi @Navat604,
Would you mind sharing the instructions on how to downgrade the firmware and the process to get it connected to SmartTiles. As you have already done the translating, stumbling and finally connecting, it would save me trying to do the same Google Translate process.

Thanks in advance :smile:

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Sorry guys I will post the steps in a couple of days. I actually forgot how :smile:

So, this product can integrate with ST system ?
Can you explain more about how to connect and how ST can interact with this camera, thanks.

Sorry, I am using a program called Blue Iris for my DVR and have this show up on SmartTiles. There is no video integration with ST as far as I know.

in your case, what integration with ST can do ?
For example, can you make this camera start recording when ST Presence sensor is away from home ?

Here are the steps to get the yi working.

downgrade firmware to

  • Disconnect cam

  • remove flash drive

  • power on and long press reset button

  • power off

  • write to SD card “home” file from zip file

  • insert sd card and power on
    Launch MI home for IOS or Xiami ant for android.
    press and hold the reset button on the back of the camera until the yellow light blinks.
    press connect on your Ios/android phone.
    follow the steps on the phone.
    pretty straight forward to get it setup with the software but for android. You will get a message the camera failed to connect. It’s because of the old firmware version. Just look for the blue light on the camera. If it’s on solid then you are good. try the Main stream below with VLC or something that supports rtsp. If it needs password/user name. That means the firmware failed to downgrade. Try again.

    Mi home IOS https://www.dropbox.com/s/tpila5yfxd2sjho/mi%20home%202.6.5_60149.apk?dl=0
    android Xiaomi ant http://xiaomi.eu/signed_yicamera.apk .

here are the example of the streams. If you have more than one cam. The cameras will bind to this ip but you can go into your router and look for the binded ip.
Main stream:rtsp://
Minor stream:rtsp://
Audio stream:rtsp://

Note : remember that by downgrading the firmware. You are open to some security flaw. I have no idea what that flaw is. Most likely you are open to the world if you have that port open. I suggest you block port 554 and blacklist ip