Xiaomi camera intergration

Hi peeps I was thinking of buying a xiaomi camera but unsure whether it can be intergrated to ST. Any suggestion on what camera and steps to make this possible?

What one are you thinking of buying?

Xiaomi camera integration is original 1080p wi-fi smart camera integration.
I Find it but not try yet.

Anyone that works, I’ve heard people can hack them but would rather not go down that route. Any idea ?

Any reason why you want to integrate it with Smartthings?
You cannot directly do it with Xiaomi since they do not provide API to access RTSP stream. Even if you end up getting a firmware for it which does you can pretty much view the video from smartthings app but cannot use it as a motion sensor etc.

Hi Kanishk that’s all I really need it for as I have cctv anyway would just be great as a camera for the babies room. Any chance you can point me in the right direct ?

Try this post and see if it helps.

I believe if you cannot integrate output of one sensor to input of another sensor there is no point using it with smartthings. Only pros i can think of is using one app. Good luck!