YI outdoor camera integration to ST


Was anyone able to integrate the new YI outdoor camera to Smartthings?
Maybe this topic was discussed before, but I can’t see any useful answer.

Xiaomi/YI company provides cheap and interesting products that need to be supported in ST, at least the Yeelight bulbs since Samsung are not making any smart bulbs.

Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:

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Here’s the main thread discussing Yi Home camera’s and their potential for ST integration. This would be the best place to post any further questions about this.

The long and short of it is that these camera’s can be integrated into ST with two big caveats. 1. You need to install a hacked firmware that exposes your camera’s video feed via RTSP. 2. You need to use an external video recording software like Blue Iris. Those caveats have been a big enough barrier to keep me from taking the plunge.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the hacked firmware has been created for the outdoor camera just yet. Although it would appear some folks are working on it.


Thanks @jimimoore for your fast reply.
So I’m waiting to see if any update will happen soon on the firmware.

seems a breakthrough has been made but i’m surprised that the conversation has then dried up! This camera would be awesome with RTSP/Smartthings/Custom NVR

I Guess it will take some reaching out to those github guys and some tests from the users of the Yi Outdoor Camera

Has anyone here tried this hack? @Mehdi_SEBAI @jimimoore ?

Hi, I didn’t see this hack. I kinda was hoping for someone from ST community to come up with a solution. Are you planning to give it a try?