Original Xiaomi 1080p wi-fi smart camera ST integration

Hello folks.
I got this camera recently: http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_487830.html

For it’s price it is a super cool deal, the quality is literally not worse then dropcam.
How ever, it would be very nice if this camera could be integrated with smart things.
I see there is another blog post Xiaomi yi WiFi camera but in that post they describe how to connect xiaomi-yi camera to ST, which is a different from that “original xiaomi smart wi-fi 1080p camera” model.
I was wondering if anyone in community has been able to successfully integrate this camera with ST?
I guess the biggest question if anyone was able to enable rtsp protocol on this camera or not?

UPDATE: thanks to @lifeisfun! There is unlock for camera(1) that allows to broadcast via rtsp(default port for rtsp os 554) and smartthings application(2) that allows to display/view this rtsp stream in smartthings app.

  1. How to unlock camera: https://github.com/samtap/fang-hacks
  2. Smartthings app to display rtsp video stream: https://github.com/pstuart/Generic-Video-Camera

Video streaming will only work when you viewing it on your local network. If you want to view this streaming over the internet you’ll have to either setup VPN or configure port forwarding on your router.
Both approaches require good networking knowledge and deserves its own post(probably not at smartthings forum).
Beware that by default the rtsp that camera broadcasts is not protected by any login and password so you probably will have to consider protecting it unless you don’t care that the world will be watching what your camera broadcasts.


I just received my cameras today. The image quality on this thing is awesome.

I hope that someone can develop and integrate this thing into Smart Things :slight_smile:

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Can you at least get a url with a snapshot?
if yes, you can use smarttiles to show the snapshot and refresh it every X seconds.

I would buy if thats the case.


Has someone been able to use them under ST?

Yes, using camera hack to stream

And this generic camera device


Are these cameras ONVIF or proprietary app control with API access to ST

Dear all does it work with chinese version also? i made a mistake ordering and i bought a mainland chinese camera

How do you know if it’s chinese version or not?

Once installed, the app says that the camera must be used in the mainland of china

Downgrade to older android app version then it will work
See here:

Good day sir, how can i view my xiaofang port number to setup my port forwarding on my router. Thank you sir.

Hello, the default port on camera that exposes rtsp is 554.

Thank you sir. I try it but 554 port are still error in canyouseeme.org. I
already setup correctly in virtual server to my router. But i don’t know
how to view port number to this camera xiaomi xiaofang. i hope you can give
me some idea about it. thank you and more power.

Are you trying to connect to your camera from your local network?
Did you try to ssh to camera or at least be able to open admin console over
http as suggested here: https://github.com/samtap/fang-hacks

You need to make sure that you can access your camera from the same network
where the camera is in first.

waking the death…
do you think all Xiaomi camera will work?
like this: