Xiaomi ants ip camera

(fabrizio) #1


I am planning to buy that camera with night vision. It’s 28 dollars and it seems quiet cheap considering the nice design. I wanted to ask if some of you guys has been able to have it recognized in ST.


(Av8rdude) #2

I bought one a few months ago. Don’t waste your $28. If you spend a few hours studying and flashing the device you will be able to view it inside your network. All the settings are in Chinese unless you flash an old customized firmware.
Mine is basically a paperweight that I can view inside my network.

Spend a few more dollars on a cheap Foscam.


(Ray) #3

I have a little write up to get it working with blue iris and smartTiles here. I know it’s for an older version but if you Google it. You can find one working with night vision.

(fabrizio) #4

thanks for your feedback. Is Foscam then been seen in ST?

(Av8rdude) #5

No cameras really work with ST except the new Samsung ones announced with Hub V2