Xiaomi Sensors

For anybody that uses/needs Xiaomi sensors… Gearbest have another sale…
Just got a few bits and pieces (the origional ones)

Original Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor - SMART DOOR AND WINDOWS SENSOR WHITE

Original Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor - XIAOMI TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY

Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor - SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR WHITE

Smart Human Body Sensor?

That’s their PIR motion sensor. It detects the warmth of a body passing by.

It assesses the individuals’ IQ and only triggers for scores of 120 or greater.


Ha Ha ha ha
Brilliant :joy:

So they’re truly only for smart homes. Looks like my kids, their significant others, and children will have to learn their way around the house in the dark.


$7.99 for a door sensor is quite a steal! I purchased a total of 27 of these. Last year I purchased hubs for family members. This year they can monitor their doors!

Hello everyone!

I was wandering if there is a way to have the xiaomi sensors connected simultaneously to xiaomi hub and to smartthings hub.

I believe you can only have a single Hub in a Zigbee mesh so no.

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I just started a topic about these with the question of connectivity. I have 1 of 8 that was pairing and dropping and now won’t even pair. Would anyone have an idea what the fix might be? The other 7 seem to still be working and staying paired to ST.

There are lots of threads about these and connectivity issues.
Have a look.


Just be lucky that you kept 7 paired. They will not communicate through a Zigbee repeater and must be directly connected to your hub. The first time they get on a repeater you will stay connected for 30min or so and then it will drop. I recommend you find something else then these sensors. There is a lot of luck involved in these

Currently I have 4 Aqara door sensors and 2 motion sensors running for about a month, no connection issues yet. I was planning on buying 11 more sensors for all my windows downstairs.

Maybe I just jinxed myself :frowning:

On another board we are trying to figure out what Zigbee repeater will work best. One user is using a

and he seems to think that it is working well. Just trying to figure out his configurations that he is using

Just an FYI for those who aren’t aware of this alternative - for just a couple bucks more you can get the Visonic contact sensors when they go on sale (and they tend to do that regularly) - they are $10 when on sale.

They are natively supported by ST (so easy to pair and get local processing) have a great small/slim profile, and don’t have the issues w/connectivity that the Xiaomi may have.

Worth considering…

I have a lot of these and I can attest to the fact that they pair and work very well.

I also agree. I have NEVER had one fallen of the network and provide temp reading very quickly

Lol $24 canadian on amazon.ca
Ill stick with xiaomi until i hit the limit of number of device

They go on sale for $10 all the time on Mydigitaldiscount.com and Amazon. Worth the wait…

They are natively supported by ST so local processing.

And there is a cool new DTH and mods that allow you to use them as leak, smoke, and tilt sensors as well. :slight_smile:

Actually i take that back, does this have contacts for pre-existing wiring? aka dry contacts?