Xiaomi Sensors


For anybody that uses/needs Xiaomi sensors… Gearbest have another sale…
Just got a few bits and pieces (the origional ones)

Original Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor - SMART DOOR AND WINDOWS SENSOR WHITE

Original Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor - XIAOMI TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY

Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor - SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR WHITE


Smart Human Body Sensor?


That’s their PIR motion sensor. It detects the warmth of a body passing by.


It assesses the individuals’ IQ and only triggers for scores of 120 or greater.


Ha Ha ha ha
Brilliant :joy:

(Realy Living Dream) #6

So they’re truly only for smart homes. Looks like my kids, their significant others, and children will have to learn their way around the house in the dark.


$7.99 for a door sensor is quite a steal! I purchased a total of 27 of these. Last year I purchased hubs for family members. This year they can monitor their doors!

(Panagiotis Papanastasiou) #8

Hello everyone!

I was wandering if there is a way to have the xiaomi sensors connected simultaneously to xiaomi hub and to smartthings hub.

(John Kiniston) #9

I believe you can only have a single Hub in a Zigbee mesh so no.

(Bob) #10

I just started a topic about these with the question of connectivity. I have 1 of 8 that was pairing and dropping and now won’t even pair. Would anyone have an idea what the fix might be? The other 7 seem to still be working and staying paired to ST.

(Bob) #11

There are lots of threads about these and connectivity issues.
Have a look.

(phil) #12

Just be lucky that you kept 7 paired. They will not communicate through a Zigbee repeater and must be directly connected to your hub. The first time they get on a repeater you will stay connected for 30min or so and then it will drop. I recommend you find something else then these sensors. There is a lot of luck involved in these

(Dave) #13

Currently I have 4 Aqara door sensors and 2 motion sensors running for about a month, no connection issues yet. I was planning on buying 11 more sensors for all my windows downstairs.

Maybe I just jinxed myself :frowning:

(phil) #14

On another board we are trying to figure out what Zigbee repeater will work best. One user is using a

and he seems to think that it is working well. Just trying to figure out his configurations that he is using

(Dana ) #15

Just an FYI for those who aren’t aware of this alternative - for just a couple bucks more you can get the Visonic contact sensors when they go on sale (and they tend to do that regularly) - they are $10 when on sale.

They are natively supported by ST (so easy to pair and get local processing) have a great small/slim profile, and don’t have the issues w/connectivity that the Xiaomi may have.

Worth considering…

(Richard W) #16

I have a lot of these and I can attest to the fact that they pair and work very well.

(phil) #17

I also agree. I have NEVER had one fallen of the network and provide temp reading very quickly

(Eddy) #18

Lol $24 canadian on amazon.ca
Ill stick with xiaomi until i hit the limit of number of device

(Dana ) #19

They go on sale for $10 all the time on Mydigitaldiscount.com and Amazon. Worth the wait…

They are natively supported by ST so local processing.

And there is a cool new DTH and mods that allow you to use them as leak, smoke, and tilt sensors as well. :slight_smile:

(Eddy) #20

Actually i take that back, does this have contacts for pre-existing wiring? aka dry contacts?