[SOLD]: Xiaomi Temperature Humidity, Door Contact, Motion Sensors and Button

I am trying to clear out some Xiaomi sensors and button in the UK. Below is what I have.

1X Xiaomi Button. (Brand New)
1X Xiaomi Door Window Contact Sensor (Brand New)
3X Xiaomi Motion sensors. (one is Brand New, two are used for under 2 months. There are glue marks on the back of the two used sensors as I stick them to the wall using double sided tape.)
2X Xiaomi Temp Humidity Sensors (used for under 2 months)

They work will with the device type in the below location.

I can take payment via Paypal as goods and services so that it covers you as a buyer. Looking for £59 including postage and paypal charges. I will post them royal mail first class. This is the same price as buying from Gearbest without the long wait.

Below is my ebay profile for you to check my feedback.

Reason for selling?? I have just ordered 4 buttons and 6 contact sensors last week for £6.49 each

I am getting some which have Lux sensors built in. I really like the xiaomi sensors. I currently have 7 for window contacts and 7 motion sensors.

Any recommendation on ones with Lux sensors built in? I’m in the UK also.

Thanks very much Robin. Will PM you now.

Hi Robin, I was thinking of selling one more xiaomi motion sensor and temp sensor (both used between 1 to 2 months). Just let me know if you will be interested. I can do the whole lot for £75.

I currently don’t own any so can’t recommend. I have couple of aeon labs multisensors on order.

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Thanks very much for the update.
Pairing has been fine for me using the furiously pressing the reset button method for all sensors except the temperature sensors.
For temperature sensors, I had to use the catchall method.

If you have issues with connectivity, you may have to reset and re-pair them. Didn’t happen for me, but some users said they had to do this before they have become stable.

Moderators - can you please close this thread as the sale is now complete?

You need to press and hold for a few seconds in the tiny hole provided for reset.
For temperature sensors, there is a button.

I guess during pairing, we do 1 long press to reset and then short presses to register in the network.

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