GearBest Xiaomi Products Still on Sale

Most of you probably know this already, but in case you don’t. GearBest has been running a sale on a bunch of Xiaomi Smart products for a while now. They were cheaper last week, but I dragged my feet. If you buy them from their GearBest smartphone app, they’re discounted a little bit more on top of that.

Xiaomi Yeelight $16.89
Keep in mind it’s a 220v

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor $9.99
I got it for $8.99 in the app.

Xiaomi Window/Door Sensor $6.99

Theees a few temperature and humidity sensors as well I think. I don’t remember.
In the app, they have kind of a wheel of fortune game going on right now where you can get like 50% off coupons etc. I didn’t know about it till after I placed my order. I believe it’s in the banner ad.

Quick question about these, as I’ve never used them… If I buy a bunch of these to play with should I go with the “original” sensors or the new Aquara ones? At these prices I’ll buy 5-10 of them to scatter around, I just want to get the least problematic version.

Original @ $7.99

Aquara @ $6.99

I asked around before I bought and couldn’t get any answers on that myself so I just bought the cheaper ones. Once they arrive, I’ll update the thread if I run into any oddities. For the price I figured it was ok to risk it.

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I just bought a handful of them. If they don’t work well, no significant loss. 2-3 weeks to arrive in TX, which is long enough to forget about them and get a surprise when they show up! I will also update the thread when I get a chance to test them.

I have 1 of the Aqara’s. I can confirm it works well with ST. They are a little tricky to pair but there are lots of instructions/tutorials out there that are simple to follow. My ONLY problem with the Aqara is battery reporting. Its constantly saying 0% sometimes it will jump to 1 or 2% but its almost always at 0%. I’ve read on here that the Original Xiaomi’s do report the battery correctly and have ordered 1 for testing myself but it has not yet arrived and I probably won’t see it for another 2 weeks. Good new is that there is another user on here who is working on trying to get the Aqara’s to report the battery properly and as of yesterday he posted that he thinks he’s just about got it figured out. For me I was tired of see the 0% and the warning icon in the ST app so I modified the DH to not show the battery. I figured since it wasn’t working no need to see it.


I should have checked the other thread before posting my previous about the battery. Rinke posted new values to put into the DH which I’ve done and now have a battery reporting in at 81%