Xiaomi Products and Smartthings

There seem to be a lot of Xiaomi smart products on the market now.
I’m particularly interested in the Mi Robot hoover. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can it be integrated with ST and where would you recommend picking one up from? A lot of the sites I’ve seen it listed on have had reviews or have been flagged as scams.

Are their other products such as door sensors, motion sensors worth looking into?

Thanks guys,


Ive got a few great Xiaomi devices, firstly their simple buttons work well for triggering CoRE routines, their cube is quite fun to play with aswell. I havent personally played with the temperature sensors/motion sensors but I know a few people who use them and dont think there are any problems.

As for the Robot, I think some of them can be WiFi controlled, in which case it could be controlled through SmartThings, though I havent seen a working Device Handler yet.

I’ve seen a few people buy the Hoover from Gearbest but be careful as you may get import charges with that depending where you live.
I’ve not seen any mention of people using it through SmartThings though but apparently their app is very good.

I have some of the Xiaomi movement sensors which I use internally for triggering automatic lighting in the hallway / WC etc… hadn’t integrated them into the alarm system (SHM) just in case, but to be honest, I had a Samsung contact sensor fail recently on my front door and it won’t re-connect so have replaced it with a Xiaomi one and also now have a couple of Xiaomi contact sensors on windows too and they have been solid.

They seem very reliable, well made and are quite small compared to the Samsung ones.

@nsmurray I use a Xiaomi phone, motion sensors and contact switches and they are all rock solid pieces of kit. I would be very interested in the Xiaomi vacuum if I hadnt bought Roomba a few months with a plan to install a third party control board… just before the 3rd party stopped selling the damned things! I will probably buy one - or the Deebot that works with Alexa - in the next few months.