Mi home 360 camera

Does the mi home 360 camera have full integration with ST.
It comes up on the app but I don’t want to buy one the find out I need to buy a mi hub to go with it.
Sorry for simple question but the whole ST system seems to be a total minefield of things that work don’t work and need to some kind of it expert to get it to work

By mi home do you mean imilab Home Cam 360?

Aren’t they both the same thing


The device pictured when setting it up through the SmartThings app doesn’t look like that. This is the device that matches the model number. I haven’t found anywhere that is selling it.

Ok thanks for your help.

Basically imilab is an oem. They were contracted by both xiaomi and samsung to make cameras for their respective platforms but for some reason the samsung one was not released. No one knows why but it’s in a long list of potentially cancelled hardware products alongside the smartthings air and smartthings access.

I don’t think any of the smartthings staff on this forum know much about the hardware situation. We may never know. The SmartThings Vision is also not available in North America for unknown reasons.

SmartThings Access GP-U999SOVLDQA
SmartThings Air ???
SmartThings Cam 360 IPC019D
SmartThings Vision GP-U999GTEEAAC

Tagging staff just in case we can get a response
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