Xiaomi aquara temp sensor advice

A little advice please, I have 2 Xiaomi temp sensors which have continued to work perfectly for 2 years and still are even after migration, my issue is the device page, it shows every capability option ever made in a 5 or 6 page downward scroll

Temp and humidity are displayed on a single tile which is also wrong

I am using the Bspranger device type, is there a new device type for the Xiaomi temp sensors in the new app that displays only the devices capabilities ?

That is a bit weird. You can get problems like that if you try other DTHs with the device. I wince whenever I see it suggested. That sounds a bit drastic though.

Sadly that is outside our control. The plugin implements stuff that isn’t documented and indeed against explicitly created presentations.

You could try https://github.com/orangebucket/Anidea-for-SmartThings/tree/master/devicetypes/orangebucket/anidea-for-aqara-temperature.src as I use a ‘vid’. Can’t do anything about the temp/humidity but it might keep everything else in check.

Thank you Graham, just had a brief look through your github blurb, the screen shot certainly shows how I would prefer it to look

Will implement later today when I get a sec

Have I done something wrong Graham ?? All I have done is implemented your Device type and selected it as a type for the device

Unless I need to wait for it to report in as its a sleepy device

I seed the attributes with unlikely values on install as the new app likes attributes to have valid values. I could test for existing values and use those but I like to make it obvious what has happened.

A combination of warm hands and a few huffs of moist air should bring some new readings if the sensor is accessible. Battery updates are every hour so one should come along in a while.

Yeah guessed as much Graham, asking you to pop over to my house and doing it for me would be a support call too far :laughing:


Thank you Graham, at last it displays properly

well MEOW!!!