Xiaomi Aquara temperature sensor shows humidity in Smartthings tile instead of temperature


I have 2 Xiaomi Aquara temperature sensors (the square ones) installed with the device handler. Unfortunately they both show the current humidity instead of the temperature in the Smartthings app.
I also have 2 other Xiaomi temperature sensors (the round ones) and they show the temperature.

How can I have the square ones show the temperature instead of humidity?

Use the smartsense humidity sensor dth in the IDE

Could you explain this a bit more?


Login using your ST account to ide, navigate to your devices list, select the aqara temp/humidity device, scroll to the bottom, select edit, change the Type field to SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor, then Update. You might need to force close/clear cache in the mobile app afterwards for the changes to show.

Thank you! Temperature is showing now.

Already did the DHT Change and Force Close on App. How do I do the cache clearing on a iOS? I cannot find such option on my App…