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Xiaomi Aqara Switch Great Deal no DH?

(Sergio Ferreira) #1

There is a great deal for the Xiaomi wall switch:

But it looks no one has yet a working DH

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version (Not Wired)
( #2

See my post here

No replies

I have ordered a single and double should be here 7-20 days.

Some discussion here

and about a DH

(Dani) #3

Does anyone ordered, receive and make this babies work?

(Tiago Gonçalves) #4

I received one last week. But when I tried to adapt a DH to this version. When you press one of the two button you receive always: “on/off: 1” from both, so you cannot differentiate left or right button from the info received. Other issue you don’t receive info when button is released, So you cannot have a button held position.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version (Not Wired)
(Super Mouse Dv) #5

I just got one of these. Wanting to use to control the Ceiling fan once I get the right control to it.
If this works (hoping the firmware update helps make these show up better) Ill do this for 4 fans in my
home in total…
Any Progress on this Switch. I love its size and feel (got the 2 button version)

(Lincoln) #6

Just checking in on this thread.
I have the wireless two button (
It’s a really nice looking switch.
Hoping to get it up and running.

Cheers, L

(Valentino Baccolini) #7

Any news? i have 2 botton version, and doesn’ t run. can you link the DHT or some istructions?

(Adam Walker) #8

I don’t think it will be possible for smartthings to know which button is pressed. The back end system is doing something to prevent recognition of which button is pressed.

(Adam Walker) #9

My understanding is this is a fundamental issue, that can’t be fixed at this point.
Hope to be proved wrong…

(Valentino Baccolini) #10

Please can you link me your DHT device code.

(phil) #11

Try this DTH to see if it works. I had Brian add something in this DTH that will help.

(Babbahotep) #12

bump ? any news here ?

(Zen) #13

Bought the one button version working perfect with the aqara button DTH above

(Keith G) #14

Currently, it is impossible to make a DH that allows the ST hub to recognize both buttons of the two-button WXKG02LM model.

The technical reason for this is that the SmartThings ZigBee attribute report message parser strips out what is known as the endpoint number value. The two-button WXKG02LM model uses a different endpoint number for the left button press, right button press, and both-button press. The DH only receives all of those messages as coming from one button.

Until SmartThings changes the way it handles ZigBee attribute reports with different endpoint numbers, the two button functionality of the WXKG02LM model will never work.

(Max Tay) #15

What about a child device handler like the DH developed for multiple relays Sonoff control?


You can talk to different endpoints if you send the raw ZigBee messages instead of using the built in functions. It’s a pain but it is possible.

(Keith G) #17

Not such a pain, but it doesn’t work with Xiaomi’s battery powered buttons / devices because in mine and others’ testing they ignore Zigbee.readAttribute commands.

So all the device handler has to work with are the attribute report messages sent by the device, which are stripped of endpoint data by ST’s main Zigbee parser.

The child device scheme only works if the device will work with Zigbee.readAttribute commands, and the only Xiaomi devices that will recognize those are the mains powered Aqara light switches (models QBKG11LM & QBKG12LM) and the Aqara Curtain Motor.


Take a look at the NYCE DTH below. You can do everything manually, such as read attributes and bind to them with raw commands. With the raw commands you can specify different endpoints.

You’d send raw:

st rattr
st wattr
zdo bind

(Keith G) #19

Yes, but that’s an NYCE device. The Xiaomi battery-powered device ignore read attribute commands, whether sent using ST’s zigbee.readAttribute call or the raw commands. @a4refillpad’s older DTH’s attempted to use raw commands to no avail.

The other issue is even if you could poll the devices, it’s just adding further latency on cloud-executed code, which is not so good for button devices.

EDIT: I’m not trying to be argumentative - all of your suggestions are well-appreciated, but I and other people have spent loads of time trying to get read / write attribute commands to work, both on the ST platform and other HA platforms. Xiaomi just made the devices somewhat limited in their Zigbee functionality.


I see. I misunderstood thinking that you could use readattribute on the first button but not others because of endpoint issues.

I’m guessing even the lower level parse return method strips endpoint data?