IP camera SRIcam. Same as Foscam

SmartThings peeps !! SRIcam which is basically Foscam 1080p indoor.

Flash sale for 32.79!!
They have like 450 at that price. Really good deal.

I can’t stop plunging through their site. Lol

Has generic DH for STs.

Can you access the API via url for instance to take a screenshot?
With Foscam u can and it is the only way to work with actiontiles.

This forum is not a sales pitch for professional users. You are not a ST user.
You should state that u are trying to sell the cameras

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I am a ST user !!! Would you like to see my set up

I work for no one related to smart homes stuff. I actually work for an ISP. But if you don’t like me giving y’all info on good deals. So be it.

I don’t think we don’t like deal. Just that the Xiaomi cam has no api so getting it to work with ST is difficult. How do you get it to work with ST and which generic DTH are you referring to?

Gearbest is a well-established retailer, mostly for stuff imported from China. They run a lot of flash sales, although sometimes they’re very close to the regular price. This doesn’t look like an individual seller to me, it’s a direct link to the gearbest site.

I believe he was referring to hacking the firmware to allow a local RTSP stream, then using the genetic camera DTH to add into SmartThings. I’ve added my Avacom cams with the generic DTH.

Yeah, I have the first gen cam and also did the firmware hack. The amount of data sending back to the server in China is crazy. Luckily I block all the cameras from accessing the internet and mostly for outdoor monitoring.