XFinity Centralite 3400: how can I set up automations for it?

Ok thank you. I assume I need to be at home for the process of installing the DTH ? My phone has been paired with my hub and devices already of course but yeah, do I need to be at home in order to do above?

No, it’s all remote expect the actual pairing of the keypad.

See the topic for pairing device handlers

Ok so first I need to get lifetime access at 37.99
Then do I login to anything on my computer or do all steps from my cell ?
Then I go here **5. [Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock] ?
Sorry, not a programmer, etc. so just trying to follow the steps here to the t.
I have a radio thermostat, first alert smoke/co detector, water leak sensors and then multiple contacts that are all part of my system now and registering fine so far. Just an arbitrary piece of info. I have not installed any device handlers so far but looking to install the one needed for a centralite 3400 first. Thank you much

Yes you can do it all from your cell, thought it’s a tad easier on a desktop to copy paste. It’s fairly straight forward as you follow the steps. (basically a copy, paste, save and publish).

You may also want to check out SmartApp no 1 which can open up many options for creating custom actions using your keypad.

Ok bought the lifetime access. I’m looking at the code for enhanced zigbee keypad lock. I’m unsure where to start and where to stop my copying for copy paste… does it matter or ?
I’ll go ahead and just do this from my computer then, I guess it will translate into my app on cell phone then.

Just follow the step by step instructions from Device Handler installation instructions page:

  1. Click on the Device Handler you want to install, it will open a new window with the code, select all (Ctrl+A) and copy the code (Ctrl+C)

Thanks for your help.

Ok so I’ve installed rboy : Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock and I have some access on the 3400 keypad.

I cannot figure out how to make the doors chime.

If the system is armed will this keypad make any noise if a door is opened ?

I cannot figure out how to set the 4 digit security code.

Thank you !

*I’d like to get a couple smart bulbs, maybe an outdoor camera or 2, any suggestions on brand ?

You need an app like LUM: [RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration to program codes.

LUM can sound a chime when doors are opened but you need a chime device and door sensor for it. Like the ZooZ chime or something.
EDIT: The ZigBee Keypads have a chime (Xfinity, UEI, Centralite, IRIS etc) that you can trigger and the IRIS V2 and V3 keypads have Sirens/alarms in them that can also be triggered: [RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite Keypad, Lowes IRIS Keypad, UEI Keypad and Xfinity Keypad Device Handler

There are many topics on Cameras. If you need ST integration it’s either Arlo or Foscam

Man… I’m not an idiot but this forum makes me feel like it… Maybe someone can help, maybe not. I need easy 1-2-3 instructions. I can’t seem to find anything easy here, no detailed instructions on here is how to do this or that… it’s like I need to decrypt answers at every turn.

Here is what I have:
3400 keypad. It is paired to my mesh ST. I have a few contacts.
I have installed dh enhanced zigbee keypad lock as well as smart app lum.
I have an iphone with SmartThings apps both classic and whatever the other newer one is called. I’m trying to take baby steps here. All I would like to do for now is have the keypad chime when a door is opened. I would also like to be able to set a 4 digit pin. I’ve been looking around the community for what seems like hours and cannot find out how and WHERE to access these features. Am I missing where to look… something like ‘here’s where to go when installing a new 3400 keypad’ or something ? It’s just been really frustrating. I’m coming from the Iris system I had for years without issue.

Did you configure your keypad through the LUM app?

Open your LUM app:

  1. Add your keypad
  2. Add your user with your 4 digit pin
  3. Configure your keypad actions (what you want it to do when your unlock/disarm it and when you lock/arm it)

Thank you, no I did not… um, how do I get to the LUM app ?
I signed in on pc to smart things (which is how I installed LUM) and I see it under smart apps but can’t figure out how to get to your photo… Also… once I install under smart things website on pc… .does that transfer to my phone app at all then ? sorry, NEWBIE here.

See this step by step installation instructions for SmartApps:

I’m assuming you’ve done steps 1-8 (if not you can do them, just don’t duplicate the code).

Then see step 9-11 to install the app on your mobile device using the ST Classic app and how to open it from your mobile device ST Classic app.

Ah ok so what you’re saying is… I need to read the instructions. LMAO, ugh, sorry, didn’t read that far down I guess… what an idjit, my bad.

I really appreciate your help. LUM installed (properly now). How do I select multiple contact sensors? Seems like I can only select one. I have not figured this out yet…

Each door/lock can only have one associated contact sensor (haven’t seen anyone put more than one contact sensor on a door).

If you’ve selected all your door locks on the main page then under Door Open/Close Actions you’ll be able to select the contact sensor for each door separately. (Scroll through the sections, one section per door)

I have one of those split doors where I need 2 contacts on one door, ok no, not really :slight_smile:

Ok I can’t see where to ‘select all door locks on the main page’

I’m in the lum smart app under -automation-smartapps-lum-door open/close actions
I can only select one of the 4 sensors that appear…

Do I need to set up LUM 4 times then in automations, one per sensor ?
Ok well I just did this and now all sensors are chiming (even though the volume on this 3400 is VERY low)
I didn’t realize I had to install LUM for each sensor I wanted to chime.

Never heard of anyone putting 4 sensors on a single lock/door.

Where you select your keypad, it says “Lock(s)”, see previous image arrow 1. That’s where you select your locks.

Right… I was kidding about multiple sensors on a single lock/door. I have one sensor on each door-3 or window-1. So a total of 4 sensors I want to chime.

The image you are referring to only allows me to select one sensor. I thought maybe one LUM smart app would allow me to select all sensors to chime (under one app). It seems that is not the case and I had to ‘install’ 4 separate ‘lum’s’, one for each sensor. Hope that makes sense, kinda hard to explain I guess.

LUM is designed to work with Locks on doors and associated sensors. For each lock it assumes one door and an associated sensor.

It looks like you’re got some isolated doors/windows without any locks or associated keypads and you’re trying to ring a chime evertime it opens. You should just setup a simple rule in CoRE (SmartApp) to do that.

Also never have a single lock/keypad be controlled by more than one SmartApp. They will conflict with each other while programming codes.

Ok thank you. Here is what I have.
A 3400 Centralite keypad and then 4 sensor contacts for my doors. The keypad does chime when any of the 4 doors are opened. However it seems like you are saying I should not have 4 LUM to control each door sensor… Is that what you are saying ?
I guess i’ll install Core smart app and see what I get there.