XFinity Centralite 3400: how can I set up automations for it?

You need an app like LUM: [RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration to program codes.

LUM can sound a chime when doors are opened but you need a chime device and door sensor for it. Like the ZooZ chime or something.
EDIT: The ZigBee Keypads have a chime (Xfinity, UEI, Centralite, IRIS etc) that you can trigger and the IRIS V2 and V3 keypads have Sirens/alarms in them that can also be triggered: [RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Centralite Keypad, Lowes IRIS Keypad, UEI Keypad and Xfinity Keypad Device Handler

There are many topics on Cameras. If you need ST integration it’s either Arlo or Foscam